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At least JK pointed out how the referee as always is the 12th man for any team the US plays against. He alluded the red card foul that the Reggae Thugs committed . Does anyone believe the island with 3 million had the 3 fastest runners in the world. I ran track and Jamaica's sprinters with the collusion of their corrupt track federation cheat more than any country. Their "victory" was in large part due to their thuggery with the collusion of the referee.I spoke with someone who sat in the first 5 rows who said the thugs were getting away throwing elbows and other dirty play.
The US isn't good enough to win under the following conditions. Dempsey is clearly out of shape no Bradley or Cherundolo (there is no way Parkhurst is replacing Cherundolo who is playing very well in the Bundesliga), no healthy Donovan,no playmakers, the US looks like maybe the weather was bothering them and a coach who is brainless. He prefers Beckerman to Kljestan who is a much better offensive midfielder and ignores Lichaj who is faster than any player on the current US team and plays in the Premier League.
It is obvious that Klinsmann was a figurehead when he was coach of Germany and Low was the real coach. Fact:Klinsman refused to call in 3 defenders who play in the best league in the world including 2 central defenders. But instead JK called in Gooch, Boca (who is clearly over the hill) Goodson, . Donovan is useless and squandered his talent by not staying in the Prem. preferring to play the 3rd rate MLS. Now that Donovan is slowing down his failure to sharpen his skills in the EPL are obvious. Also Kljestan has improved greatly but the pseudo coach Klinsman feels Beckerman is a better choice which is laughable. Look at Klinsmann's record a figurehead coach of Germany with an unimpressive WC showing and then half a season at Bayern Munich before being fired. Maybe some day the US will have a real coach.
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Jun 9, 2012