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hmm: WRT the guys arguing you should just use a library function: The best way to state simple problems in interviews (like the one I sat when I was being interviewed as a programmer) is not in the problem domain of a computer language. Languages these days are full of awesome lib functions that mean you don't have to solve the same problem 40 times (for the 40 slightly different edge cases) every week. I was interviewed first over the phone with abstract questions about physical objects (not giving away the questions as I got the job and they'd be cross!) then in the face to face interview that followed I was given like +, -, goto and maybe one other command and asked to solve problems - really stretches your brain and gives the interviewer a good look at it in the process. No auto checking from some website neither - part of the question is simply "will that work?" - being able to evaluate your own code after you've written it and see problems (debug...) is an important skill that npp's definitely lack, as they rely on the feedback of "compile until it (sort of) works!" Yes, doing things the efficient way is important, but you can teach that after the person has arrived; that is a domain specific problem. The idea of the test, you would agree, is not to choose the language that lets you solve that low level problem in the fewest lines, but to watch you solve a tricky little problem (the like of which always pop up in the odd corners of whatever language you happen to be using.)
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Feb 26, 2010