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That would be one enormous battery fire!
Seems like a Euro compliance vehicle. Can't see anyone esp in America choosing this expensive hybrid if they are in the market for a high performance EV Porsche is just trying to protect its market share in Europe
Nice article and summary. Being an electric bike owner for a year and 2500 miles, I'm definitely the typical American e bike owner. This demographic won't change, and e bikes will not become popular here, until the price drops below the magical $1k for a good quality example. China has 120 million e bikes that have about 2500 deaths a year. Much better record than American motorcycle riders, who had over 5100 deaths with 6.6 million registered motorcycles. E bikes provide more exercise than standard bikes for one simple reason: they can be used every day without regard for weather conditions or initial laziness. I went from using a bike 2 times a month to using my e bike 5 times a week. And it’s used for running errands, something my regular bike never provided, thus saving a 100 gallons of gas and pollution etc.
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Feb 14, 2010