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I just won't bold anything next time... If I'm ever allowed a "next time."
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I agree the power numbers are alarming. Good post. However, whether Werth is batting behind him or not is not indicative of Howards at-bats. Each batter is attacked differently by the pitcher to expose flaws and weaknesses as well as what the current situation is with runners on base. What the guy is capable of in the on-deck circle doesn't influence that. Howard clearly struggled last year and still had an "okay" year, but the power is way down. Total bases is a raging clue of power indicators: Ryan TB's by year (full seasons): 2006 - 383 2007 - 309 2008 - 331 2009 - 352 2010 - 278 2007 is low, but Ryan only had 28 more PA's that season compared to 2010 and still had way more power.
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Howards last 2 seasons both saw drops in numbers, but could this be because he was batting in front of Jayson Werth?
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Rios sounds like the best scenario. Not overly expensive, offensively ALMOST equal to Werth. I don't see the Sox letting him go though.
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Same line-up tonight as game 2 via David Murphy.
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Oct 19, 2010