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Joe Schmoe USA
New York
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Toggle Commented Sep 17, 2010 on Checkmate! at Atlas Shrugs
Worse then animals, this is so sick it goes beyond words.
Pam , Thanks for taking the time to post the "Islamic list of Terror links" above in "Islam's War on America 2009: Jihad in Review". "Sub-human dirty-dish-rag-wearing pure evil bottom-feeders" well put Kenny Solomon. This is unreal what is happening in America. Why we let these animals in is beyond me. Thank God that plane wasn't taking down by this slime. What crap in MSNBC today! "Terror suspect’s online posts detail ‘loneliness’" ‘loneliness’"!!!WHO GIVES A S#!T !! What about all the lives that would have gone up in smoke, had this "loner" got his way!