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There desperately needs to be a more holistic view of how ESRD patients receive care in general. Far too often the nephrologists and dialysis units focus on our labs, which is very important, but there are very few support mechanisms to keep folks who are working, working, and help those who want to work get the training and support they need to enter the work force. I was fortunate in that when I was on dialysis the first time I could navigate my state's voc rehab system on my own. I was even more fortunate when I had to go back on dialysis after my transplant failed to have an employer who has been nothing but supportive of me. I have seen many folks over the years who want to keep working and can but have employers who, imho, break the law and force them out the door. In those cases it would be great if the dialysis providers, as the medical personnel who have the most contact with a patient would do more to help people keep the jobs they have.
I would say from my experience of watching the skippers at my unit that this won't improve their compliance. Many of these same folks who skip also routinely cut their treatments short. Dropping 30-60 minutes off of half your runs in a month is as bad or worse than outright skipping. Frankly I think that many of our fellow patients have deeper issues that need to be addressed, after all being non compliant got a lot of folks in that chair in the first place.
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Dec 15, 2011