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Joey Ngo
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i grew up playing arcade games like mad. those mario games and duck hunting games at the local arcake was my childhood. my mom would take make me go do launddry on sunday laundry days and i would always beg for 2 dollars for 8 games when arcade games are still 25 cents each. those were the days. with inflation now, games are 1 to 2 dollars per game. i missed when life was simple. the last arcade game i played was marvel versus capcom 1 and 2. they are comin out with a new one but i dont know if it will be only for ps3 or will it be arcade as well. the arcade days seem to be coming to an end. check out my site that im working on.
Toggle Commented Apr 12, 2011 on Rediscovering Arcade Nostalgia at Coding Horror
hey, great info on your site about ps3 troubleshooting. I picked up a few good tips. Your helping a lot of frustrating individuals out there with their console problems
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Apr 11, 2011