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The Dolphins need to STOP messing with their QB'S and winning footbal games with the one they have and sign him for next year, they are obviously far away from another qb, were going to end up with another Feely years, LOSING LOSING LOSING, and I think fin fans are not going to take that BS. Chad is the Man and I didn't see the other QB's do anything that the High School qb's Do. Pray that we get Tebo or Were sunk...Maybe that's what their going to do is Blow this season so they can get the #1 pick. Man it's so hard to be a Dolphin Fan and have so many losing seasons....Quit messing with the Quarter Backs...Henne was not impressive AT ALL, and white needs to take tips from High School players...Oh why am I a Dolphin Fan?????
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Everyone is hypnotized over Lebron and Kobe, Hey their the Best of the Best, but did you see where the Orlando beat the Caveliers 8 out of 11 games, and that's when they let mr superstar go do what he does, Stan VanGundy said 'If you know how to stop Lebron James let me know otherwise we are just going to let him go and we are going to Play our game. The Magic beat the Celtics with Their Superstar..Come on you guys don't give the Magic credit. I agree that they are lack luster at times and they need to kick more butt, but they will do that when they realise that they really can do it instead of choaking, On paper they look good, But Lebron means nothing, The Magic beat them before 8 out of 11 remember that 8 out of 11. Go Magic!! They can do it 8 out of 11!!!
Receivers receivers receivers.... Throw in a secondary and ad Pennington to throw down field and you have a play off team... Screw Vick he is a jerk, and JT should have a shot, he is great at what he does and is a great leader for the most part. even if it's for a year, but not to get in the way of JOEY That's it case closed
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