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1. If Nadal ends his career with more slams than Federer, its a done deal, hes the GOAT. 2. If Federer ends his career with, lets say, 4-5 more slams, you have to give him GOAT status. Even though i think you can't really compare generations, i think people will spit out Federer, just like they do for Jordan. 2. But if Nadal ends within 1-2 or tied, i think Nadal gets the edge. If you think Federer still is the Goat, you have to look at the slams Nadal has won so far. He had to beat Federer(the GOAT) in 6 of the 8 slams hes won. Thats impressive any way you look at it.
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I'm looking forward to Dubai, IW, and Miami. There's going to be great potential matchups in these tournaments. But, has anyone noticed that Fed doesn't play another match until 3/3 in Dubai. Almost 5 weeks for Fed to think about exactly what he has to do to protect his ranking and win more majors. His number one goal is to defend Wimbledon. Period. This will save his year no matter what else happens. Number 2 is winning the french. If he goes back to back, french and wimbledon, everything else(olympics, us open, and number 1 ranking) will just be a bonus to him.
Toggle Commented Jan 28, 2008 on Loco Djoko at Concrete Elbow by Steve Tignor
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1. nadal 2.4 4.4 men/ 6 women 5.none 7.szavay 8.safin/davenport 9.dementieva 10.sharapova 11.jelena 12.safina 13.karlovic 14.federer/jelena 15.yes 16.gonzalez/chakvetadze 17.guccione/molik 19.3 20.yes
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