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John Memmer
Bloomington, IL
Trying my best not to screw up my kids too much, but isn't that like the inmates running the asylum?
Interests: My kids, Stephen King, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Science, Cooking, Politics, Rush, Yes, Bruce Hornsby, John Williams, The Original Versions of the Original Star Wars Movies, Atheism, Squid Porn, Peak Oil
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I haven't busted out this old place in a long time, but after a torturously long wait for The Hunger Games movie, it finally arrived last night... and I found myself inspired to commit words to screen once again. Admittedly,... Continue reading
Posted Mar 24, 2012 at Repressed Memmeries
Today marks a big day for The Boy! As of right now, he's most likely sitting in our front room - we call it the music room, appropriately - sitting down with his new violin teacher, Ms. Sarah. As Obi-Wan... Continue reading
Posted Sep 3, 2011 at Repressed Memmeries
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Sep 3, 2011
And after all these years, I finally get my first spam in the comments. If that's not ironic, I don't know what is. :)
Toggle Commented Jan 26, 2010 on The Long Goodbye at Repressed Memmeries
By the way, I totally am NOT responsible for the ridiculous ad-links above. Stupid Typepad seems to whoring out *everybody's* blogs now...
She digs on the all-purpose TexMex appetizer, no doubt. She ended up mostly poking around in it, but she did eat a little of it. That said, she was just jumping off one of the recliners, so all is well, apparently. :)
Toggle Commented Nov 13, 2008 on Sickie The Poo at Repressed Memmeries
That's the brilliance of the Brothers Coen, isn't it? And for some reason, I keep associating this bit with the current campaign: "Y'ignorant slope-shouldered sack a guts! Why we'd look like a buncha satchel-ass Johnnie-Come-Latelies braggin' on our own midget! Don't matter how stumpy! "
Is there anything more sad than having to pick up all the pieces that accompany a pet's life after they've gone beyond the veil? It was more than a little surreal cleaning up his food bowls, kitty bed, litter boxes, to say the least. This is the first time since I've known my wife that there hasn't been a cat in the house, and it's a little weird. I always said that I looked forward to a pet-free existence, but here on the other side of it, it's going to take a little more adjustment than I thought. In the end, I'm really not a pet person, I guess, but the ones that I've shared a flat with have left quite a mark on me...
Toggle Commented Nov 2, 2007 on Ty-Kitty Memmer, 1989-2007 at Repressed Memmeries
Clothing is always optional in my world, as you already know. And I will offer a word of warning: beach choice is very, very important. You don't want to end up like that scene from Eurotrip... I'm also curious to see what other people would add to this list. I could come up with a, shall we say, non-traditional version, too, like "have a major section of your body waxed or depilatoried"...! :) Speaking of Rubik's Cube, there was a kid who came to our door on Halloween with a RC costume. It was very cool, and brought back many frustrating memmeries... >:o
See, now you're just being evil. I usually try to avoid getting myself into new addictive behavior patterns, if at all possible, but knowledge such as this makes it very... very... difficult. :) If you had to pick between the two, which would you suggest? I would think that Buffy would be the place to start, since Angel was a spinoff... but I yield to your superior Whedoniverse knowledge on this...!
Thankfully, the kids got their looks from their mother! :) And what's not shown here is the moment immediately after he broke the board. He just paused, lifted up his striking hand and stared at it for a few seconds, as if to admire his newly-found powers. Later, however, we learned that it was not a quiet moment of introspective contemplation... Nah. He just thought he might have a splinter from the wood. :) (He didn't, by the way...!)
Toggle Commented Oct 5, 2007 on Concentrate, Grasshoppers! at Repressed Memmeries
Ty-kitty is actually not doing too bad right now. He's still having bathroom issues, and he's not nearly as vocal or purr-y as he was prior to all of this settling in, but at least the dizzy-cat syndrome seems to have resolved itself. We've moved all his kitty-stuff (litter box, kitty bed, etc.) up into the main floor - the vet said that stairs are an absolute no-no now. So, he can still walk around in our tiled kitchen, bathroom and laundry/kitty-feast area. We've even been letting him back into the living room over the last couple of days, but to be honest, he hasn't had much interest. I'm beginning to think now that Ty-kitty is on the slow burn down, as opposed to the fast crash-n-burn we thought was going to happen last week. He might have another couple of months left in him, but there's really no way to tell for sure. So, for now, we're just trying to keep him full and comfy, and we're giving him lots of kitty-scratches and kitty-kisses...
Toggle Commented Sep 26, 2007 on Coincidences and The Cat at Repressed Memmeries
Can't... ...stop... ...staring at... ... the Hassel-crotch!
I just don't understand why, if I scored an "extreme"-ly high on Level 8: The Malebolge, it didn't just assign me there...! (Incidentally, Smartie, I also scored "extreme" on Level 6: The City of Dis, so I'll stop by if I'm in the neighborhood to drop off those VW parts!) Then a looked it over and dusted off my brain cell (yes, singular) - these levels of hell aren't really a competition, per se, as much as they are a match to the particular type of fun-loving eternal punishment that you so richly deserve due to your hedonistic lifestyle. Apparently, I scored so high on multiple levels that it just threw it's long, dessicated, gnarled hands up in the air, and said, "Are you kidding? Three 'extremes'? Holy effing Jebus on a half-shell, just put 'im in 'Lustful' and call it a day in Hell! They're prob'ly going to elect him President of The Level within two weeks anyway."
Toggle Commented Feb 25, 2007 on Yeah, That Sounds About Right at Repressed Memmeries
Make no mistake about it: I've got The Dad Voice, and I'm not afraid of using it. But "jolt", or "sock"? Not so much. The boy already has punchy tendencies, and what does spanking him do but reinforce that it's okay to hit? Sure, he'll get a swat on the butt when I need to get his attention, but I don't know if I've ever made that *the* actual punishment. In fact, my parents learned early on that spanking was fairly ineffective on me. The punishment of choice wa sticking my nose in the corner. Apparently, I hated that. A lot. And make no mistake about this either: it's not a matter of controlling him when he's at home. That is not the problem. It is his behavior when we're NOT there to administer immediate repercussions that seem to be giving him difficulty. Hell, it's easy-peasy-pie when we're around, because he knows where the line is that he shouldn't cross... most of the time. But when your child is no longer under your watchful eye, things are far, far different. *That* is the hurdle that we're trying to cross now. And I do think that there is a line that we, as parents, should not cross, as well. Being acutely aware of my temper, I strive to be constantly aware of myself to make sure I don't cross over from righteous parental anger into uncontrolled rage... and I came very close this week, close enough to really give me pause. If I can't demonstrate self-control when I'm with my kids, how can I ever expect them to learn it? It's a lesson lost on some parents, not one that I would ever care to duplicate. Oh, yeah - Mrs. Repressed can show 'em! :)
Toggle Commented Jan 29, 2007 on Identity Crisis at Repressed Memmeries
Well, *I* thought so... :) And speaking of Bidgy, if there's anybody out there who's in need of the best call center director that money can buy, give her a call! The evil rat bastards at her now-former company just surreptiously outsourced the vast majority of the jobs that used to exist where she worked to some overseas facility where their "operators" last catch phrase was "fukeefukee, ten dolla, me love you long time". And, displaying the ultimate evil corporate rat-bastard hubris, they invoked a "do not tell" clause before they gave their employees their "severance" package. In other words, if you want any sort of lubrication for the ass-banging we're currently giving you, keep yer mouth shut and smile big. As a former potential customer to the evil corporate rat-bastard company for which she worked, let me address this to them: fuck you. I'll never, ever do any business with you or any or your subsidiary companies, and I'll actively discourage anyone I know from doing so as well. And you know what? I've got every right to do that. That 1st Amendment can be a real bitch, can't it? (Sorry, Bidgy - if I've overstayed my welcome on this issue, let me know!)
Well, I wouldn't exactly call it a "love affair", per se... more like a tempestuous, carnal sideshow where at least they give me the common courtesy of the reach-around whilst buggering me over a baby grand. And it just doesn't surprise me about the call center thing - something with which you are all too familiar, Bidgy, I know - but as long as there are no protective tariffs in place to level the playing field, these large companies have nothing to lose by shipping all your shit to Bangalore. And color me crazy, but I don't see the current administration moving to protect operations like yours anytime soon... :(
She lives! I just caught your update over at Liberal Doses. I'm glad you and Ken are having such a good time - you certainly deserve a nice, enjoyable vacation... one preferably without a bout of toemange or e coli this time, eh? :) Have some sashimi for me and we'll chat when you return stateside... that is, if you *do* actually return stateside...! :) LYT! XOXOXOXOXOX (from one and all!)
Toggle Commented Dec 31, 2006 on The Holiday Hiatus Continues at Repressed Memmeries
I think that Mrs. Repressed thinks I "never let go of her" too much as it is already... heh heh heh...! Yeah, the missus really outdid herself this year, didn't she? Of course, my domain was the outside, but I can never get pictures of that to ever come out right. > Anyway, after the whirlwind cleaning and decorating tour, we were both just wiped out... but it was a damn fine party, if I say so myself. You missed some wicked Mulled Wine (one of the Mrs's holiday specialties) and a downright boisterous game of Uno!
Toggle Commented Dec 12, 2006 on Happy Holiday Goodness! at Repressed Memmeries
Well, considering the fact that our "service" has now been out for the greater part of 5 days, I've decided that as soon as we can come up with the installation fee for the new wireless service, we're switching *regardless* of whether or not we're going to be moving anytime soon!
This is not wariness. This is a response honed by six years of ruthless political schooling. This is learning to anticipate your opponent's moves. This is trying to think proactively instead of reactively. This is how we can truly change the face of our country. I'm sorry, dear friend, but I cannot agree that the Democrats will be suddenly and magically immune from the power of the rightwing noise machine. The TV conglomerates didn't suddenly change ownership. These are huge corporations with huge investments... and that's just one little aspect of what's at stake for the Puggies. As has been shown more times over the last six years than I count, there is no level to which these people won't sink to continue their accumulation of power. However, I'm certainly not one to deny a small moment of joy at this first victorious skirmish. I just don't think that the Pubes are sitting back on their haunches, crying in their beers. They're actively planning their next ten moves... ... and I'm trying to figure out their #11. :)
Toggle Commented Nov 10, 2006 on The Kinda-warm Afterglow at Repressed Memmeries
Was I being too subtle? :) I wasn't sure if "fucktard" got across the depth and breadth of my bile-choking reaction to the sound of his name. In fact, watch: "Buyeeeaarrgggghhhhhhblegggggggggghhhhhhhhhh....." Sorry 'bout that. It's one of the main reasons I keep the VisClean on the floor at all times here at Repressed. Well, that, and catching all the blood and hair. And Mrs. Repressed and I were doing the same dance last night. She hadn't had a chance to see the local results, but seeing Yoo-hoo and the Sodomite go down on/with each other was almost as satisfying as seeing K-Fed getting booted to the curb by Britney Britney. :) Now she can finally fulfill her trailer park fantasy of hooking up with Achy-Breaky Billy Ray Cyrus and produce offspring that are genetically predetermined to have peroxide-blonde mullets right out the chute!
Right you are! So you had troubles at the polls...? (I suppose that being placed on the No-Fly-List and a future member of the Gitmo Vacation Club by virtue of your previous articles that weren't, shall we say, supportive of the Fatherland's directives probably didn't have anything to do with it...!) :)
Well, we would have needed to leave a LOT earlier... and I'm guessing that the thought of you loading up the whole fam damily at 3 am from Louisville may not have been so appealing. :) Still, they sure are some tasty vittles if'n you find yourself up in Logansport with no other breakfast plans on a weekend morning...! And I don't know about you, but I had a good time on our road trip, catching up and reminiscing. Like I told Scott, maybe we really shouldn't wait 14 years in between this visits...!
Toggle Commented Sep 29, 2006 on Reunion at Repressed Memmeries
I live for catharsis. Heck-shuckydurn, I'm happy for any sort of creative outlet nowadays. :) And while I haven't made a whole lot of comments over at The Wang, I dig your digs a lot. (See the hotlink as a Daily Must on my main page...!) Y'know, after a few days of reflection on this entry, I realize that I had attributed a lot more of my own personal fears and feelings about what might happen to my behaviorally-challenged duo during their school years to the teacher than was really warranted. Ever since I talked to her on the phone last week, Alex has been doing much better, so something must be going right. I think it's probably a combination of an evolving approach to The Boy by his teacher combined with Alex finally starting to get a grasp on the basic ground rules of his new life as a "school-ager". And while I recognize that ADD is a real condition for a few kids here and there, I agree whole-heartedly that it's used more as an excuse for lackadaisical teachers who simply don't have the skills to deal with children not riddled with Ritalin or addled with Adderal. (For once, the name of the drug actually makes sense, doesn't it?) After our conversation last week, I don't think that Alex's current "main" teacher has that in mind - she has been a teacher for some 35+ years. However, I don't doubt that some of the other teachers in that school either do... or will. I suppose I'll always have that in the back of my mind as the kids work their way through their academic lives... and, yes, Psych 101 students, I do realize that this is more of a projection of my own fears about my kids than it may be in reality, but I've seen it happen too often with some of my other siblings and friends to think that it's not a possibility.