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John Davies
Queen Camel, Somerset
Married to Diana. Rector of the Cam Vale Benefice, Somerset (Church of England)
Interests: Born in Walton Hospital, 1962. Raised in a house on the banks of the Mersey. Played football each break time for the entirety of my school life. Never much good at it but thoroughly addicted. Varied working life has included engineering apprenticeship, welder, draughtsman, volunteer in an outdoor pursuits centre, unemployed, civil servant, computer programmer, community worker, and now a Church of England vicar serving six rural Somerset parishes. Have lived in Waterloo, Llanbedr, Cardiff, Crosby, Toxteth, Cambridge, Wavertree, Norris Green, Croxteth Park, Lydford, Whitegate, and now the very different setting of Queen Camel. Married to Diana since September 2009. Five (grown-up) stepchildren. Currently working hard on re-learning what it means to be human.
Recent Activity
... I think we are just like the ancient Greeks today. We fill our towns and cities with altars to all sorts of gods, but there's still a small voice in our ears suggesting there's an unknown god around. Today we have the god Tesco, a giant who provides all... Continue reading
... You know, it is time we stopped blaming God for the Crucifixion. For too long we’ve been saying that it was to satisfy an angry God that Jesus was crucified. But nowhere in the Crucifixion story do we see God angry. Far from being vengeful, wrathful, the God we’re... Continue reading
... Can God breathe new life into a devastated nation? In 597BC the Babylonians took Israel's land, smashed Israel's temple, exiled Israel's king and executed his sons. Everything these people knew and valued had been lost, stripped back to the bone; a community cut off completely from all which had... Continue reading
... JESUS got his friends to spread the word that AT the same time as PILATE was PROCESSING into the other side of town, THEY WOULD WELCOME THEIR OWN KING, in their own way. And so here they came, the poorest, the lamest, the daftest, the lostest PEOPLE, carrying branches... Continue reading
... 'He told me everything I have ever done!' - finally, a man who knew her fully, understood her entirely, loved her wholly, accepted her as she was. No wonder she was so transformed that day. No wonder that her story made such an impression on those who heard it;... Continue reading
"Let us be careful not to put the cross at the heart of our faith, but the Saviour.... for Christians over the years have made an idol of the cross, revering that object rather than the Saviour who was crucified on it. Contrary to our well-intentioned but misguided beliefs, the... Continue reading
... This is our challenge this Lent - though we may think that Trump is a monster, we must love him; if we believe that our Parish Council is plain wrong, we must love them; if we find our neighbour annoying, we must love her; if we’re fearful of people... Continue reading
As we are presented with choices every moment of every day, there are countless opportunities to exercise this positive choice: When you could either build a wall to keep others out, or knock it down - choose life; When you could either love a neighbour or shut them out -... Continue reading
My Dear Wormwood, Be sure that the patient remains completely fixated on politics. Arguments, political gossip, and obsessing on the faults of people they have never met serves as an excellent distraction from advancing in personal virtue, character, and the things the patient can control. Make sure to keep the... Continue reading
... Is it time for us to put away the fears held by recent generations of adults, fears of paying attention to children lest we be accused of some form of deviancy? Is it time for us to assert that, in God’s eyes, in Jesus’ teaching, the deviant is the... Continue reading
For Speakeasy, I've been reading a review copy of Keith Giles' Jesus Untangled: Crucifying Our Politics to Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb. Here's what I think.... As someone who has long asserted there can be no splits between faith and politics, I found the first few chapters of Jesus Untangled... Continue reading
It's about a lynching: today's talk Strange Fruit: The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world links the Billie Holiday song which Rebecca Ferguson was not allowed to sing at Trump's Inauguration, with "The Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world"..... Continue reading
Question for those of us who think we know all there is to know about God and kings and life and death: are we open enough to hear what people from outside our worldview have to say? Believing that God might just be using them to open our eyes to... Continue reading
Nick Spencer suggests that while Christians are involved in the liturgy of worship, the songs and creeds and familiar prayers of church, we are also involved in what he calls a “social liturgy”. We not only resolve to respond to the goodness of God in our public worship, we also... Continue reading
It is in embracing the humanity of Jesus that we become human ourselves... When we realise that God is human, a new age dawns for us; no longer bound to be victims in a post-truth society, but prime movers in a post-fear world. - from my Christmas Eve midnight talk,... Continue reading
Writing with hope, about the challenges of the times we are living in, the activist Rebecca Solnit says, ‘The future is dark, with a darkness as much of the womb as of the grave.’ Solnit's inspiring Hope in the Dark, Untold Histories, Wild Possibilities - quoted in my talk today,... Continue reading
She was struggling to get on the bus with all the bags she was carrying. Bags full of food - mince pies, cooked chicken, spare ribs, peanuts. Bags full of gifts - teddies for the granddaughters, plastic cars for the grandsons, chocolates, whisky, scarves and hankies for her grown-up sons... Continue reading
... In light of this week’s headlines about those many young footballers whose lives were so blighted by abuse, now that it is out in the open like a shoot breaking forth from a dead tree stump, is it possible for us to begin to imagine a coming future where... Continue reading
... It’s dark when we reach Jerusalem. Between this day’s sunrise and today’s sunset, our world has been changed forever. Everything is new. From now on, whenever we break the bread and drink the wine, we will know that we are not alone. The risen Christ is with us, among... Continue reading
... Nine-year-old Lucy has given us something to think about today. Is it really God who is angry and vengeful and bloodthirsty - or is it us? Are we happy following a fiery old God who demands human sacrifices to cool his anger and satisfy his vengeful spirit? Or are... Continue reading
... for us 'being alive' means 'not being dead'; We know we're alive because we're not dead. For God this is simply not the case. For God being alive has nothing to do with death, and can't even be contrasted with death. ... This is really important. Jesus saw God... Continue reading
... Jesus teaches us ways to love our enemies without being weak and feeble, without losing our integrity or our dignity. Jesus shows us ways to resist evil without becoming evil. Of course these strategies carry risks: we might still get thumped or sued. But they also give us dignity... Continue reading
How the privileged talk about the unprivileged - and how the unprivileged speak of themselves. The parable of the Pharisee and the tax-collector - my talk today. With a TED talk by Jessica Jackley. Continue reading
... The judge - what was his relationship with scripture? Well, he would have been steeped in a knowledge of scripture as it was the foundation-stone of the law which he arbitrated, the Torah, the Five Books of Moses, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy - the founding legal and... Continue reading
When he realised that all he needed he had been given - Jesus had made him clean - the Samaritan experienced an inrush of the greatest power there is. The power of faith. His faith made him whole. We don’t hear the rest of his story, but we know that... Continue reading