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John Davies
Queen Camel, Somerset
Married to Diana. Rector of the Cam Vale Benefice, Somerset (Church of England)
Interests: Born in Walton Hospital, 1962. Raised in a house on the banks of the Mersey. Played football each break time for the entirety of my school life. Never much good at it but thoroughly addicted. Varied working life has included engineering apprenticeship, welder, draughtsman, volunteer in an outdoor pursuits centre, unemployed, civil servant, computer programmer, community worker, and now a Church of England vicar serving six rural Somerset parishes. Have lived in Waterloo, Llanbedr, Cardiff, Crosby, Toxteth, Cambridge, Wavertree, Norris Green, Croxteth Park, Lydford, Whitegate, and now the very different setting of Queen Camel. Married to Diana since September 2009. Five (grown-up) stepchildren. Currently working hard on re-learning what it means to be human.
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... One small detail of this gospel story which struck me reading it this time - is that it wasn’t just the one boat struck by that storm on Galilee that day: ‘other boats’ were on that lake, Mark records. Now, you may not be totally sure if you are... Continue reading
John’s Notes: Parish Magazines editorial, June 2018 The Barnsley writer, wit, and raconteur Ian McMillan lives what he calls a ‘peripatetic word-driven lifestyle’ (he was onstage at Clapham Village Hall on 6th June). A consequence of this is that he wakes up in lots of different hotel rooms and the... Continue reading
... This is crucial for the times we are living through. For we are a homeless people grasping for our identity in things which may harm and embitter us, which may divide and alienate us from each other. If we can grasp that in God comes our sense of self-worth,... Continue reading
... Things come in threes when you're celebrating: Hip hip hooray!, hip hip hooray!, hip hip hooray! Blondes, Brunettes and Redheads could tell you, The Three Musketeers would let you know, Every Tom, Dick and Harry express this: Things come in threes. Mark Twain once made up a saying about... Continue reading
“I wonder how you feel about the Bible? I know a lot of people who feel conflicted about it, somewhat wary of it, for having had the experience of turning to it for spiritual inspiration, or guidance, for good learning and direction, but instead finding themselves embroiled in tales of... Continue reading
My first Sunday among the farmers of the Dales had me preaching on sheep: On being sheep. Continue reading
... Because for those of us who have grasped this, the power of the cross and resurrection means the transformation of our lives. The ruler of this world has been driven out of our hearts; the Saviour of the world is there instead. God does not condemn us - and... Continue reading
What a beautiful day ... what a beautiful day, missus, for preaching a freshened-up version of a favourite of mine, Turning the tables on the taxman (2018), featuring the celebrated 1989 court case of Kenneth Arthur Dodd, "Singer, photographic playboy and failed accountant!” alongside Caesar's coin, the widow's mite and... Continue reading
... Graham fought hard to avoid the Messiah Complex to which so many lesser leaders - in all walks of life - have succumbed. To do otherwise would have been Satanic. He worked tirelessly to direct his audiences to Jesus, the One whose scandalous behaviour was and is to overcome... Continue reading
An influential Christian campaigner for women’s suffrage, for pacifism and for women’s ordination, Maude Royden, saw the Christian faith and journey to peace and justice as ‘the great adventure’ and derided the Church of England’s reluctance to walk on the wild side of reform. In one speech Royden reminded her... Continue reading
Copied this Brian Bilston poem to each person in church; read it through together. Then re-read it starting from the bottom line working back to the top. Communication: it’s how you say it. My talk today.... Refugees by Brian Bilston They have no need of our help So do not... Continue reading
... In Hilary Mantel’s novel Wolf Hall, Thomas Cromwell compares himself to Thomas More as he says, What’s wrong with you? Or what’s wrong with me? Why does everything you know, and everything you’ve learned, confirm you in what you believed before? Whereas in my case, what I grew up... Continue reading
... I particularly like to think that Jesus performed this miracle for the sake of the bar staff, the caterers - the servants and the steward of this story. Whether or not it was their fault, they would have got the blame and took the shame when the wine ran... Continue reading
I woke up one day and saw the police officers of Windsor escorting homeless people off the streets into vans, and taxiing them to the very gates of the royal palace, to be ushered along a red carpet and take their seats as guests of honour at the prince and... Continue reading
... In our complicated world how can we find the gospel truth and live in its light? I suggest that we simply journey on, and at every twist and turn keep searching for Jesus who always goes on ahead of us to meet us. Our journey cycles on: seeking, finding,... Continue reading
Christmas gives us an opportunity to hone our peacemaking skills - around those tables where we are placed, sometimes uncomfortably, alongside people we may only see once a year - and some of whom we’d prefer to see even less often, if we were honest. If we’re honest with ourselves,... Continue reading
In light of the reception, by some Christians, of Trump's recent Jerusalem move as heralding the 'end times'... Now, we can choose to read the Apocalypse of St John of Patmos as a justification of the power politics of our times. Or we can view it as an indispensable source... Continue reading
Update; my copy of the book arrived in the post today. Nice work, Kevin and Tide Press!
... Today our post-truth society and our splintering social and political world needs good leaders. People who will not shrink from difficult decisions in government and economics, in local neighbourhoods and in business; people able to deal with conflict constructively, who will embrace the realities, grapple with the complexities, eke... Continue reading
It is our way to want to make heroes of people who would rather we didn’t. If this was the case for General Edmund Allenby (who symbolically liberated Jerusalem in 1917 not on horseback but on foot) it was also the case for many of those we know, who returned... Continue reading
"I needed to recover words like 'saint', the 'righteous' and 'prophet' from the religious ghetto where they mean long dead people who weren't ordinary like me. They did magic things, and God spoke to them in magic ways and theologians had buried them under mountains of words. I decided that... Continue reading
It's less about Don't Tell the Bride and more about trusting the Son of the Father. My talk today, Never let a man arrange a wedding? Continue reading
'A landowner planted a vineyard ... put a fence around it and built a watchtower.' Why the need for security? Watching the class enemy as an alternative to looking out for the Father. Imitation of violence - imitation of Christ: my talk today. Continue reading
'Work out your salvation with fear and trembling' - in a heightened state of anxiety? in a condition of nervousness? surely not? .. So part of working out our salvation should involve reading the old Bible translations alongside the new, more scholarly, versions, and letting the truth emerge. Isaiah the... Continue reading
Are you a Jonah moaning under a tree when others do perhaps unduly well? Especially those you thought you ought to disapprove of because you think the bible or your tradition tells you so? You know, church people are usually very proper and just, fair-minded and orderly, so God help... Continue reading