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Well, absolutely. It seems pretty obvious that some kind of deal has been done with News International and that Thompson is worried about what will happen should we get PM Dave in May. The problem is that the Tories seem utterly bemused about what to do, as summed up by Ed Vaizey's rather hilarious flip-flopping this week. When your own party's broadcasting spokesman admits he's never listened to 6Music before this weekend, you've got a problem on your hands. Having said that, the current Government seems determined to sit on the fence as long as possible, with Ben Bradshaw refusing to offer any kind of strong opinion at all. It was one reason I didn't mention the political implications in my blog - I think all the parties use the BBC as a political football and really only 'people power' (horrible phrase but you know what I mean) can even begin to influence this decision. Try and watch the Channel 4 News report on 4OD from last night - Adam Buxton jocularly offers Mark Thompson outside for a fight, and the camera flashes on Thompson. He looks very annoyed and put out, until someone obviously whispers in his earpiece that he's on camera and a forced grin comes over his face. It sums up the whole situation - he just doesn't 'get' 6Music and thinks it's full of "pop music" which Radio 1 and 2 can do just as well. It can't - it's a totally different sort of audience. And, also, the Strategic Review recommends that Radio 2 should refocus their attention on catering for the over 50s. So where does this leave 30somethings? This isn't a case of 'waah, my favourite station is closing, s'not fair'. I'd be just as outraged if it was Radio 3 under threat. It's about a entire section of society being disenfranchised by the BBC, and a station which embodies the values that the BBC is meant to represent being shut down. If it costs too much, fine - cut costs elsewhere. Stop things like Radio 1's Big Weekend - surely there are more than enough festivals out there. Don't bid for Glastonbury coverage, which can be easily covered by Channel 4. Half the wages of the performers and the executives. That should cover the costs. Sorry, this is almost a seperate blog isn't it!
Toggle Commented Mar 3, 2010 on Save BBC 6Music at musicOMH blog
Blimey. That line up is very impressive. I really can't wait to hear what Mark E Smith sounds like with them! Hope they tour again. The Demon Days residency at Manchester Opera House was one of the best gigs I've ever seen.
There was a rumour that Best Live Act was scrapped after Iron Maiden's fans mobilised and won them the award last year. 'Ver Maiden' not really fitting in with the whole BRITS image. No idea if that's true, but interesting theory...
Toggle Commented Jan 19, 2010 on BRIT Awards 2010: the nominations at musicOMH blog
I don't know whether to be worried that I'm so out of touch that I only recognise 3 songs on that nomination list (Chezza Kerl, Lily and La Roux) or just plain relieved that I don't share the nation's collective love of Tinchy Stryder and N'Dubz.
Toggle Commented Jan 19, 2010 on BRIT Awards 2010: the nominations at musicOMH blog
That list for Best British Single is a joke isn't it? I mean, it can't be real, can it? It's just the organisers having a laugh. Surely?
Toggle Commented Jan 19, 2010 on BRIT Awards 2010: the nominations at musicOMH blog
I'm willing to be persuaded re DDY - I do like my 'sassy pop' such as GA and Veronicas after all - but not impressed by that single. HURTS - aye, sounds alright but it's White Lies all over again for me. Again though, shall investigate further and am always open to changing my mind (as I often do on these things). Can't see Ellie or Marina being anything other than huge next year. What does the Camden Curmudgeon think anyway? ;-)
Toggle Commented Dec 8, 2009 on BBC Sound Of 2010: The Longlist at musicOMH blog
The Drums, Ellie Goulding or Marina for the win, as they say. All idiosyncratic acts with a healthy dose of charisma who are conventional enough not to scare off the average record buyer. HURTS seem like they should have been on last year's list - do we need another group of 80s soundalike synth warblers? I like Delphic a lot and it's good to see Everything Everything building on the buzz they've been generating for some time. This was the first time I'd even heard of Daisy Dares You and I'll be quite happy if I never hear from her again.
Toggle Commented Dec 8, 2009 on BBC Sound Of 2010: The Longlist at musicOMH blog