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"The thing I like about book stores is that I can look over a whole collection with a sweep of the eyes and catch something that interests me. Moreover, I can pluck that book from the shelf and randomly thumb through, assessing the author's style, elements of the story, structure, etc. Try doing that with online access." Actually, it's easier to check the cover, blurb, and sample pages with clicks of the mouse than pulling a book out from the shelf based on its spine title. Most books in a bookstore are not positioned with the cover facing outward. I like bookstores for the atmosphere, but it's too time-consuming. Throw in the fact that you may want a book that went out of print some time ago, and bookstores show their limitations again. Changes are coming, just like the music industry. Once the right "Ipod" is found, look out.
Toggle Commented Jan 23, 2007 on You the Author at The Reading Experience