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John Burhop
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I played Action Castle with my friends last night. The first time they ran into the ghost they were debating what to do and were killed for waiting too long. The same thing happened when they restarted. It was hilarious. Thanks for sharing the links and making us aware of this series.
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One of my favorite classes in high school was called The novel. Essentially you read a book from the approved list and wrote a report about it. The great thing was you could choose which book you read and the teacher was familiar enough with every book on the list (which had at least 200 books on it) to discuss the book with you. Not many classes where you could read John Steinbeck one week and Stephen King the next. It really made reading fun in high school. Of Mice and Men is still one of my favorites.
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After watching this episode, I only have one thing to say to Steve Jackson, which is "Shut up and take my money!" Love tabletop and will hope for/against a second season so I can enjoy the show and spend my money on all the games you guys play.
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I have to say, a super tiny benefit to this whole situation is that if they had not made that change, you wouldn't ave mentioned the importance of liking a video on youtube, and I'm sure most people who read this immediately went to youtube and liked both episodes. I know that's what I did.
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May 2, 2012