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It's premature to write KG's epitaph. We don't know how this season's late start and compressed schedule are affecting him, nor can we know how he'll play come playoff time. If ever there was a season when the regular schedule could/should be soft-pedaled in favor of the playoffs, this is it. So I think we just need to wait and see.
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KG is definitely not what he was even last year. This does not mean he won't get there later, but he's clearly not there now. - His vaunted defense has been reduced to near-impotence. Guys like Greg Monroe are shooting AT WILL with KG right in front of them, or they're driving right by him....... like he's not there. Yes, he still talks a lot on D, and that's great.... but the problem is that he's not performing. He's slow, a step or three late on his rotations, and generally looks feeble. - On O, he's refusing to finish at the rim unless it's a wide-open dunk. Like he's scared. - He's also not fighting for rebounds at all, just tipping when possible. Perhaps most telling of all is KG's body language. Except for a very brief appearance in game 1, his on-court ferocity is gone. He walks with his head either hung low or off to the side. That body language is saying: "I think I'm too old for this. Wish I could retire right now." So, what does this all mean? It means KG could still make a comeback for one last push to the mountaintop. Or it could be that he plans to retire after this season, he sees the end too clearly, and his fire is extinguished. The evidence so far points to the (very) sad latter narrative. But it's not certain yet.... there is still hope.
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What most people don't yet realize is that the breakage of the David West deal was a major bullet dodged. West is hugely overvalued, and was in fact an albatross around the Hornets' neck last season. Be happy the Cs didn't get him. The bench this year looks like a big improvement over last year. Bass, Wilcox, JJJ, even Stiemsma could all work out very, very well. Quis is great to have back, and Pavlovic is a lot better than most appreciate. This is the first time in a long time that the Cs' bench hasn't amounted to a steaming pile of crap. So far so good. Unfortunately, there is one problem that remains for this team, one that's unavoidable for at least another year: The Core Four. That's three aging stars + one PG with suspect limbs, brittle emotions, and no jumper. RR is ALREADY down with a sprained ankle. PP is ALREADY out with a "sore heel" (whatever that is). KG is KG -- he goes down like clockwork every year around January... i.e., right about now. (You know the drill... he disappears for a month or more after some "injury" nobody sees. It's happened 4 years in a row... and counting.) Ray Ray's the one soldier in the bunch.... as consummate a pro as you'll find anywhere. But there's no escaping the remaining Core Four problems. Chris Paul would have helped, a bit, but with only part of the problem. The rest must wait for next year, when the geezers' ridiculously bloated salaries finally come off the books. The Cs have a shot this year, yes, but I would characterize it as "long."
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Dec 12, 2011