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I'm one of the Principals and founders of Evergreen Innovation Partners
Interests: reading, drinking wine, playing tennis and golf, biking, skiing, exploring new products, learning new things from my partners Dave and Vandy...
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I think you're onto something important here Raj. I might posit that what you're seeing is the enabling of the long tail of brands. And, further, the enablement of someone to move from the long tail into the fat head (left head?) using new/social media rather than traditional media. This is indeed exciting as friction is reduced around new brand creation and those new brands can create value quickly. But, recognize the downside of this as well - the half-life of a brand just got shorter. It will be that much harder to maintain a brand given the lower switching costs, the more transparent existence of new/alternate brands, etc. We've all see the hot turn into the not-so-hot very quickly... Inertia and brand creation friction is bad when you're climbing the ladder up as it makes the journey harder; but once you're there, the "value" is projectable because it's hard for others to unseat you. Now, in your new world, the ability to project brand value forward to many years in the future just got that much more risky. I wonder if that creates a lower NPV given the preponderance of the terminal value in any NPV calculation....
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Mar 15, 2010
My new Lenova/IBM X60 has that feature... In theory... But it doesn't seem to be working as I type this (and try to test it). I'll have to play around with it. But it shows up as an option under "idle timers" Half credit?
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If you need a break from "real" books, read The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly; otherwise Charlie Wilson's War by George Crile is a wild ride and your neighbor Michael Chabon wrote a great one with Final Solution...
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