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Highlander, RT is not planting his feet correctly for the deep throw and is arming the ball too much. Very few QBs can throw deep accurately without planting their feet. some of this is the offensive line but some of it is pocket awareness. too many times THill looks supprised by the pressure and doesnt slide with his feet positioned in avoiding it. He has to learn the slide step to allow his back foot to stay planted and his front aiming where he is throwing. I believe he has the arm strength but his footwork is sloppy under pressure which prevents him from exposing the blitz for deep bombs. His footwork improves with designed roll outs but pocket footwork definately is lacking.
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Last nights win was great and should not be underestimated. May very well turn around things As far as Jmart, bullying is not really the issue here. I think it is the realization that succeeding in the nfl is harder than college. Jmart may be suffering from the fact he is a bellow average player and has never experienced failure before. In college he was smart and good enough to be selected in the 2nd round of the draft. Things aalways came easyto him and now he is lost and confused. The pranks just pushed him over but are probably not the root cause. He comes from an elitist family, 3 generations Harvard grad, and can not figure why he is having trouble in the nfl. For the first time he has to work like an underdog a position he is not familiar with. Hope he continues to try and overcomes this as i think the talent is there.
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Perspective is right. Most of theses UFAs are signed between 1-3 years. Their impact is as a stopgap or to help develop players that will take that long to get to the NFL level. Take Grimes and Marshall in the defensive backfield, they will help whatever rookies come in this year and will probably not be here next year if their replacements develop. Winston, if he signs, will get 2 years max to let Yeatman or a rookie get up to speed at right tackle. Also for those signed on multiyear deals, next year they will be considered Dolphin vets and will not count on this list. We must walk before running, unless all the stars align and lady luck is on our side.
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Mar 8, 2013