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A complex software project (one with many components/interfaces owned by more than one party) has a lot of "moving parts." It can be a real pain in the neck to keep track of them all. I try to minimize moving parts as much as I can. If you are using time-proven library that has had very infrequent revisions and is understood by everyone in your area of expertise-- for example, the .NET CLR-- and it has exactly the function you need-- I'd use it. But if you are considering an odd-duck third-party library that nobody has heard of, that changes often, or requires some special configuration or workaround to do exactly what you want, you are just making things more complex by using it. And later, when you upgrade or deploy to a slightly different environment, you might find that it breaks-- and that nobody really knows how it works. Don't re-use others' libraries just because you're under the impression it will save you work-- sometimes it can actually increase work in the long run.
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Aug 28, 2010