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San Diego, CA
Interests: unitarian universalism, emerging technologies, network marketing, gadgets, software, technological singularity
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I have added a Google+ Page for my SendOutCards, Independent Distributor business. Continue reading
Kathy Paauw's new book is now available! Kathy Paauw Greetings, This is a message being send on behalf of Kathy Paauw by her virtual assistant,... Continue reading
Now that Posterous has a mobile app, I'll be able to easily add content to my various online accounts with one click! Posted via email... Continue reading
If you have a gift, retail or wholesale SendOutCards account and have not yet activated your birthday and anniversary reminder system, here’s how to do... Continue reading
Can you join me for dessert and coffee the end of next week? SendOutCards has updated their compensation plan. If you are interested in a... Continue reading
via I've been using Google Voice long before it was Google Voice, it was known as Grand Central in the beginning. So many folks... Continue reading
Sorry, Stan, I'm out and Google Voice does not seem to be handing out more invites these days. John
via The tax haters have puzzled me for awhile now, but this is the first graph I've seen that really puts the situation into... Continue reading
Check out this website I found at That's right, sign in at (no invitation needed) or enable your Google Apps domain Many... Continue reading
As I approach my next advancement at SendOutCards to Senior Manager, my role and activities will soon change significantly. Although I will continue to focus... Continue reading
I sent you an email about Gmail and Wave invites I have available. You are on my list of possible Google Voice Invites when and if I get more to share.
I have your email address and will let you know if I get additional invites to share.
Check out this TED video! TEDTalks : Michael Specter: The danger of science denial - Michael Specter (2010) via TEDTalks (video) on 4/12/10 Vaccine-autism claims,... Continue reading
An evening out with Ruthie, Matt, Indigo, Jared and Janet in Petaluma at our favorite Mexican food restaurant... Posted via email from jkd's posterous Continue reading
I just found this blurb in a news article published last month: Photo publishing successes Equipped with four Xerox iGen3(R) Presses, SendOutCards, based in Salt... Continue reading
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Mar 15, 2010
I have been getting to know my Nexus One mobile phone over the past few weeks. It is, by far, the best mobile phone I... Continue reading
san diego business networking Posted on: 02.3.10 Meeting 02/03/2010 Our Guest Speakers were: John Davis (SendOutCards) and Paul Weidler (PC Auto Reconditioning) John Davis reminded... Continue reading
Oops, our holiday card was a bit strange this year. The "Dear First Name and Spouse Name" that began the message in every card is... Continue reading
I have been fooling around a bit with Google Wave. It is a rough application in the current Alpha form, but Google is promising a... Continue reading
Sorry, Mike, I'm out of Google Voice invites. I have some Google Wave invites. Are you interested in one of those?
We live in interesting times, Donne. Our current financial fiasco is riddled with mistakes, corruption, good intentions gone awry, bad actors taking advantage of anyone in their path, the list goes on and on. Hopefully, we will learn from this and the system will become less self-destructive.
SendOutCards and Brownies- Sent in by: Helene Larson I am the only one from my large family that moved away from our home. One of... Continue reading
Hola Juan, The invitation is on its way.
Green Car Advisor DOE Should Be Less Selective When Funding Green-Car Companies, Siry Suggests Darryl Siry, the chief marketing officer of Tesla Motors from December... Continue reading