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I am, frankly, appalled at some of the responses here from "experienced" programmers. "What is the next hex number after F" is NOT an obscure question that very few programmers will know the answer to. It is a very basic thing that (over here at least) we get taught in our first year of Uni, which is redundant as we also get taught it before we ever reach Uni. That's part of the number systems material where we get octal, binary and hex. Admittedly there is only a nod to octal, I can't do much with it in my head still. That's alongside the boolean logic and finite state machine material taught in other classes. I fail to see how you can possibly have 10 year professional experience in programming (or even 10 years amateur experience) without ever reading or using hex numbers. It's not like not knowing an API, a pattern, or even a language. This is a basic thing inherent to computing.
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Feb 22, 2010