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John Mark Troyer
El Granada, CA
Social media marketing & enterprise communities for VMware
Interests: virtualization, cloud computing, social media, online communities
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For Communities, an online points/reputation or earned badges can be a powerful reward system. Platforms like Jive & StackExchange have these features built in. It turns participating into a game. Even when those points don't connect back to any "real-world" rewards, they are powerful motivators. For companies working with volunteers, you also need to be careful of assigning them work in advance in return for any type of reward. Check out AOL's problem from 1999:
It has to come back to your business goals, but yes, you do have to show business value if you're doing social media work for a business! Some of our platforms are more community-based, and their goal is NOT to create leads, but to make our customer technologists more successful. However, some of our platforms are aimed further up the funnel, and for those, integrating appropriate calls to action is fine, and even appreciated by the people stopping by to read/comment. As you say, both tactics have to fit in to your overall social media strategy.
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Wise words. The whole basis of today's corporate social media policies are based on an assumption that you will not forget your day job. And then most of us forget that every day at work we're auditioning for our next gig. I assume in this case the time sink was obvious, but I do hope that management, being a bit older, doesn't overlook younger candidates who may interact differently with social media. Double check to confirm (1) Was it work-related? (2) Were they using Twitter IM-style? Those 40 Tweets could have been sent over a 15 minute conversation. (3) Were they sent after hours or during down time? (4) Does this person believe they are productive with continuous partial attention? (I've had people tell me they can do it with a straight face.) Also don't assume the other candidate doesn't have 40 IM windows open at all times and wasn't sending private Facebook messages all day!
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John, thanks! These look great & I've already forwarded to my colleagues in customer service. I'm probably treating this as too black & white -- is sentiment analysis 100% accurate? -- when in reality it's another piece of metadata.
Toggle Commented Nov 12, 2009 on Subtext In Sentiment Analysis at PR Communications
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John, do you have any information about the current state of the art of sentiment analysis? I see a lot of vendors listing it as a feature, but I'm going to remain skeptical until I see some proof it works.
Toggle Commented Nov 12, 2009 on Subtext In Sentiment Analysis at PR Communications
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