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John McPherson
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Hi Jeff, Do you know what foobar stands for? This is a classic foobar! Really, the only way to get around this is through some common sense, especially on the web providers side. #1 IF THE SITE DOES NOT NEED A FRIGGIN USERNAME/PASSWORD THE DON'T REQUIRE ONE! #2 I like the idea of a sharable password among sites even though the security of such schemes is questionable however; this could be accomplished with the combination of some sort of dual key so that you enter a simple password like say my dogs name and then the password provider site combines it in some strange way to create the master password that is really used. This should protect from script kiddies but not from a serious hack attack. Maybe recording the radio attenuation of latest solar flare xored and bit shifted and then ones complimented... You see what I mean.. Nothing is really secure unless it is not attached to the net. Even then it can be physically stolen. Regards, Mac
Mac... Buck Folding Hunter knife on the belt in plain sight. Bad guys take one look and figure I'm too hard a target...
Toggle Commented Aug 19, 2010 on What's On Your Utility Belt? at Coding Horror
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Aug 19, 2010