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Writer. Photographer. Wanderer.
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"The old culture has been partly or mostly cleared away and nothing has taken its place. It's several magnitudes tougher now to make a splash, become known, or create work that will get widely noticed. I would argue that it was never easy to tame and tether the essentially subversive and unruly nature of the medium, but now we're back to a sort of Babel. It's all iconoclasm and chatter, not to mention inundation." The era of big splashes is all but over, replaced by a thousand little splashes that together create the tide. Your website and musings are a perfect example of this new age. From a distance it may look like Babel but we all unconsciously try to filter the noise until we find the signal that we seek. That's the challenge now, finding our needles in the haystack, but improved search and AI (there is groundbreaking research being done with neural networks learning to identify objects - faces, people, animals, cars, etc... in a photo) is making that easier and easier. But we are already seeing the effects of being stuck in bubbles of our own making. Interesting times indeed. And with that, I'm out of metaphors.
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Fun fact: Adirondack Park is the largest publicly protected area in the lower 48. [Thanks John—I added this to the post, along with a hat tip to you. --Mike]
SSD yes! And clean those fans and vents, especially if you have pets and carpeting and have the computer tucked into a cubby or on the floor beneath the desk. You can pull an entire dust bunny from them if you've never cleaned them and your PC will run much cooler, which will make it faster.
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I'm not a clotheshorse like my father was but I cringe whenever I see a photographer out in public dressed sloppily, especially if they are stretching or bending themselves for a unique angle and as a result pieces of flesh that were not meant for public consumption are momentarily exposed to the light of day. So I try to dress discretely but neatly, with a comfortable set of shoes, my shirt (or undershirt, at least) tucked in, and sometimes a cap with a short brim that won't get in the way when I bring the camera up to my eye. In urban or urban-light settings, the camera bag should be discrete and not yell, "I'm a photographer!" And never never never do I use my belt to hang a lens bag or some fancy camera quick release thingamajig that turns my camera into a Sig-Sauer and me into Jason Bourne, photographer. Leave those accouterments to the khaki vest wearing, Tilley hat adorning photo poseur or, as I like to say, "phoseur." Oh...wait...(reads other comments)...nevermind.
Pentax K-01
I use Evernote for note-taking and saving things of interest for future use in stories. The organization system (notebooks and tags) is very easy to use and the search system makes it very easy to find something I filed years ago but need now. Browser plug-ins make it easy to save web pages. One Evernote feature that I haven't found elsewhere is OCR of all images. I can take a photo of a document with the Evernote phone app (or a screengrab of a web page) and automagically the text of that photo/document is searchable. The company has had some financial struggles recently but I am comforted by the fact that I can export everything to another system (i.e., Microsoft OneNote) should the company ever perish. Highly recommended. P.S. - RE: laziness. Remember, "you are who you pretend to be."* You're doing a good job of pretending to be a prolific blogger and self-employed entrepreneur. * The Internet attributes this to Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. but I can't quite recall another source that may predate him.
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I was in the exact same predicament last year, Mike, and ended up abandoning Mac for Intel's version of the Mini, the oddly named Skull Canyon. Quad-core I7 cpu, up to 32GB RAM, support for ultra-fast SSD (NvME, faster than SATA), Thunderbolt 3/USB-C, and, lo and behold an SD card reader on the front. Add Win 10, simmer for 20 minutes and Bob is your uncle. I do have to roll up my sleeves a little more frequently to deal with drivers and stuff, but otherwise the machine hums. For anyone spending most of their days in Adobe's Creative Suite and a web browser, the OS hardly matters anymore and the transition is quite easy.
Oh, and I highly recommend Pramoedya Ananta Toer's "This Earth of Mankind," the first of his Buru Quartet. Toer's personal story is incredible in and of itself-he was a political prisoner in Indonesia and "wrote" some of his books while imprisoned. But since he did not have a pen or paper (they were afraid of his words), he worked on the stories by telling them to fellow inmates. And the Buru Quartet is something to behold. Happy reading.
2016 may go down as both the worst year of my life and the best year of my life. Actually, I'd like to think that the best is yet to come. That's up to me, though, and I intend to make it so. Here's to 2017, Mike! Bring it on.
If we can geek out on words a bit, here's a great list of words that are their own opposites- It's quantum grammar!
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I am currently stuck with a Honda S2000 but it's not my fault; nobody's made a 2 seat convertible that I want to replace it with. The new Miata is nice, but it would be a sideways move. A Boxster would be nice and in many ways a step up, but additional performance on the track does not always mean more fun on the street. And I eschew conspicuous status symbols. Oh well, I guess I'll have to suffer another winter with snow tires, drifting at will through intersections and chasing redlines and apexes in the spring... You should throw some snows on your current ride and spend the winter hunting down an old Miata for the Spring.
At this price it's certainly not going to win over users from competing systems but it is going to give current M43 users a camera to aspire/upgrade to.
Looking forward to it, Mike! Don't agonize over wordcount, just let those ideas flow from you mind to your keyboard.
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I once lost an SD card reader at the beginning of a motorcycle assignment, likely left behind in a Vegas hotel room. I would have been unable to backup and post photos online for the remainder of the trip were it not for the generosity of another traveler who just happened to have a reader he let me borrow every evening. Since then, I've made it a point to always purchase a laptop with an SD card reader built-in; makes it a lot harder to lose. The new Macbook Pro is a non-starter for me, for that reason alone, and for the first time in over a dozen years I don't have a Mac as either a desktop or laptop machine.
Well this is a novel use of Amazon's Mechanical Turk! I daresay it's not a representative sample though - if you look at the amount that is being paid for the tasks requested you'll see that the pay scale is very very (let me add another one...) very low and thus likely attracting people from a very thin socioeconomic sliver of society. Take a look - It will be interesting to see this theory tested by other researchers to ascertain it's real value. If it pans out, it will be even more interesting to point the machine at the works of Cartier-Bresson, Kertesz, Eisenstaedt, Lange, and others.
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While researching the first person to go 100mph I came upon this film from 1905. It's auto races at Ormond Beach, FL, and where the first car broke 100mph: Relevant to the topic at hand, fast-forward to 3:00 and watch the seated gentleman in left side of the frame. He's also photographing from 2:00 onward. I'd love to see the photos that he took! The driver, Arthur MacDonald, may not have been the first human to 100mph though, as an electric train in Germany may have topped "the tonne" in 1901. Our man Glenn Curtiss did not break 100mph until 1907, but he did so in spectacular fashion, running over 136mph with his V-8 powered motorcycle!
I had a Kodak DC260 which had the word "Megapixel" proudly printed on the body. No number, just "Megapixel"
In my youth I trained for marathons to fill the void left by cratered relationships. Last year I tried something different; I trained for and ran a 50k trail ultramarathon. And then she left.
Holy Internet synchrony Batman!
6. Buy what you need when you need it.
I used to be in the "As long as I can reliably get a good photo from a camera I don't care if it's OVF, EVF, or rear LCD" camp. But I just got a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with a stunning 5.5" Quad HD AMOLED display. The display has a mind boggling 534 pixels per inch, which actually exceeds a high quality print. When I'm taking a photo (with the 1/2.3" 12 megapickle sensor mated to a 26mm F1.7 lens) the great screen literally draws me into the scene. It's like composing while looking at a high res print. I'm now of the mind that camera makers have to get on board here and really start upping the resolution of their EVFs and LCDs. I don't know how the GX8 2.36 million dots converts to PPI, but the Samsung has set a new benchmark for me.
I'm still trying to find thy self....
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My favorite note-taking, idea-saving, and short-form writing tool is Evernote. It's folders and tagging combined with a good search engine (it will search through PDFs that you save and will automagically OCR any JPGs that have text in them!) makes it easy to save something and find it later. My favorite longer form writing tool is Scrivener. It takes some learning (it incorporates both an outlining and index card metaphor), but it's ability to help me organize my thoughts, re-organize them, and then re-organize one last time is unparalleled.
This seems to be a really insightful essay with plenty of thought provoking comments. Pity I don't have the time to read them.
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Taughannock Falls. Ulysses, NY. What do I win?
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