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He's actually been great in the 4th quarter. He's leading the NBA in 4th quarter points. It's the other 3 quarters where he's struggled this year. Posted by: Moose | December 05, 2009 at 02:07 PM Amen to that ,its almost like he is pacing himself 4 the 4th, still am sick n tired of his trotting down the court on defense Thank you Jeff Van Gundy 4 bringin that up
Love Dwade but i was glad Jeff Van Gundy called out Dwade for trotting in transition nearly everytime while complaining about touch fouls, Reid n Fiorentino never bring light to that, great effort cant feel bad bout this , need to hit free throws
Wow!.. while catchin up in a previous blog entry i read about "Evolution" "Idolatry" & "Creationism" it still amazes me how wide a spectrum of subjects r touched upon in Ira's Heat Blog, ofcourse today i see Doctorb & Sledge r still doin their thing unfortunately somethings r still the same also like the Heats roster , when the fawk is Riles gonna open up his Basketball mind & conjure up some creativity to perform some sort of upgrade,
Manny busted for some sort of Steroid, you kno am surprized the NBA hasnt had steroid tests poppin up positive all over the league what gives? I have feeling some of these dudes r on roids
Well the better team the more seasoned team won, our youth really showed in the negative way in this series,"theyre not ready 4 this" they were a big part of our 43 wins but they also were a part of the 39 losses Beasley could b a 20-10 guy or a 2-10 jumpshooter with no boards ,Chalmers, debate wether or not he is a starter but hes a solid guard hes not this bad but we saw these same inconsistencies from him in the regular season, Cook we all kno can b 1 of the best shooters in the league we also kno he can be the most erratic, these 3 kids need to improve cus they were eerily absent 4 the majority of these 7 games, i dont blame coaches like so many others do ,the players have to make it happen when theyre on the court watever amount of time that is & the truth of the matter is these 3 young guys didnt, they have to b a lot better 4 Miami to improve from 43-39 and a 7 game series were they were beaten senselessly in 4 games
That might b the worst call in these Playoffs , Joey Crawford supposed to b one of the elite officials , that call stifled any momentum we couldve had, last 12 minutes yall
Well it was fun while it lasted, great 'Bounceback' season now its time 4 Riles to build on last off seasons moves & bolster this teams talent, sure ikno they must operate under the luxury tax and they have to have cpa room for 2010 but ive seen GMs carefully improve teams in similar conditions so now Riles has to show his GM ability,it might b his most important offseason, as 4 improvement Beas,Cook,Chalmers all had their moments but it is clear non of them r ready 4 these big lights and certainly arent finished products, as 4 the veterans mayb workin with Grover will revitalize Oneals career, we kno Wade and Haslem will b ready
Of course I'm gonna watch on Sunday, but am I bad fan if I admit that I'm looking forward more to Game 7 of the Bulls-Celtics series? I'm not a fan of either team, but that series has been epic. Posted by: Start UD, Praise Spo, Bench Beasley | May 02, 2009 at 01:42 AM Not at all. As a fan of the sport, bulls-celtics has really been one of the best surprises of the year. Posted by: captain charisma | May 02, 2009 at 01:43 AM Agreed , but am hoping at least Atlanta & Miami make this 1 competitive & theres some drama to it, they still wont come close to the series that has arguably moved up in history as the greatest first round series ever, the bad thing would b if game 7 between the Celts and Bulls was a blowout, god i hope not,but back to the Heat what can i say Good comeback season 4 our boys regardless what happens on Sunday , from 15 - 67 to 7 games with the 4th best team in the East , Good Job Riles & every1 involved
Eric Reid 1500 games , i probably watched & heard 1200 of those
Congratulations Eric Reid (A Heat Original) i grew up in the 90s watching & listening to him and the great Godfather of Basketball Doctor Jack Ramsay, great job Tony and Eric , c yall next year , i hope ABC has Jeff Van Gundy ,Mark Jackson and Mike Breen covering the game cus every1 else they have suck
Unfortunately Wade cant score on 5 , the Hawks will make anybody else beat them but Wade i think itll still comes down to our other players
Haha yea idk if any of yall remember but i think the 1 game we beat Atlanta during the regular season Magloire had the peek-a-boo dunk & it was on sportscenter, PTI and everything mayb thats y Josh Smith felt like tryin his own crap but he missed & now Magliore closes the night with the same play that probably started the lil animosity lmao Magloire is a character
Haha yea idk if any of yall remember but i think the 1 game we beat Atlanta during the regular season Magloire had the peek-a-boo dunk & it was on sportscenter, PTI and everything mayb thats y Josh Smith felt like tryin his own crap but he missed & now Magliore closes the night with the same play that probably started the lil animosity lmao Magloire is a character
Ok Spo enuff i kno y u left him in the game so he could exact his revenge but its time
Memento" style tattoos? Posted by: mmmtravis | May 01, 2009 at 09:59 PM Another funny anecdote by u & thats a great movie by the way
Those early starts r payin off 4 Joel Anthony , & my bad i thought i clearly heard Dwade tell Doris Burke at halftime that he hoped J.Os elbow would get better but now i hear J Jackson interviewin Fisdale & they said it was a concussion from the Pachulia hit the other day
I didnt get the update whats the deal with Jermaines elbow when did he hurt it game 5?
Hey travis after the game you gonna go and suck off Beasley like his other groupies here? Posted by: I-Win | May 01, 2009 at 08:59 PM === Depends. Does he braid his pubes? Dude that was priceless LMAO
James Jones was so desperate to get the ball to Dwade vs Mario West (so Flash could avenge last games closing seconds of the half)that he disregarded Chalmers wide open on the other side and the fact that he basically handed the ball to Bibby who was right in front of him , geez Jones can be stupid on defense sometimes , well Bibby is keeping them in the game i think u can tell hes the only 1 takin this game seriously he knows every game is meaningful from his Kings/Lakers battles, the rest of the Hawks seem comfortable no matter what happens
Not hard enuff UD u gotta blacken his other eye
Wade hurt? Posted by: cruicruise | May 01, 2009 at 08:44 PM I was wondering the same thing , hes visibly favoring 1 leg in a semi-limp
Ahhh how nice of Josh Smith to come straighten things out with Spo b4 the game hmm HA! u kno the only reason he did that is cus hes scared shitless that MiaMi is gonna stick an elbow in him somewhere , fawkin punk man up nikka face the retaliation
P.S Frankenjessica sounds hot!
did anyone check out perkins article on palm beach post, he has been killing ira lately. Posted by: hotleo20 | May 01, 2009 at 03:17 PM The 1 thing that really stood out about that Palm Beach Post blog is the shitload of Hawkfans or atleast Wade/Heat Haters geez
Gottdamn it i been online for a couple of hours and its still just gonna turn 3 , another 5 more hours to go