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John Reagan
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The polls are very consistent now and it looks as if Bowser is the best shot to win the primary. The one poll from a week ago criticized for the cell phone thing was a PPP poll, the most accurate pollster in the business. Tommy was at 9% there. Bowser is now at 30% according to today's Post. She supports more bike infrastructure. I'm glad Tommy bikes and is a good bike advocate but he's not a strong leader and is very unlikely to win.
Toggle Commented Mar 27, 2014 on Election open thread at TheWashCycle
The government doesn't decide for employers who is a good employee, bad, etc., and it never has. Appropriately, the government, through its republican form of government (us) has decided that employers may not discriminate, and has put it in the hands of juries (us) to decide whether or not it is taking place. That is for the good of (all of us) employers and employees alike. And thank goodness!
Jeezus, you got a lot of excuses, man. I bike my 5 miles each way to work each day. No big deal. I feel physically better when I bike as well. There are plenty of excuses available but I find it better not to give into them.
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May 5, 2013