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John Roberts
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This is a beautiful thing. I'm proud of Miami Beach. The only shame is that this is required in this day and age where marriage equality should be a presumed and unfettered right, not something to be parlayed in political halls. Shame on the U.S. Congress and the state level cowboys in Tallahassee! The very basis of our rights of citizens and independence from tyranny would allow these citizens to have the same access to marital protections, responsibilities but also privileges as other residents. It takes a lot of gall as a national government to presume to have the right to collect taxes from a class of citizen's to whom you deny the very services paid from the money's collected. It is tantamount to taxation without representation. (I speak as one who has served our military from 1978 and recently retired in 2012 with 8 years overseas and three recent combat tours): I say this because I was afforded the benefits of that service, to include education and retirement benefits, paid for in part, by those who were denied the ability to openly serve and, as a consequence, denied the same ability to leverage the social, and material benefits for having done so. Who are we, as a nation, to impose a religious bias on what is intrinsically, a civil license? Last I remember, a Justice of the Peace signed my marriage license and irrespective a religious persuasion or officiating synagogue, church, etc., the license comes through and is recognized by the state apparatus. Let us move on to civility and love for all. I'm proud of you Miami Beach - Thank you.
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Jun 8, 2013