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Hey, thanks! Everything I know I learned in the Scout Handbook (and the Scoutmaster Handbook, and the Fieldbook, and...) Re: Lynn's question, to summarize BP, the Patrol Method is the only method. Last re-org I relied on Ask Andy's advice to set loose self-organized chaos. So far so good. JC Shepard
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We throw tomahawks at Lewis & Clark Scout Reservation's Buckskin Adventure range, on the banks of the Missouri River. We shoot blackpower muzzleloaders there, too, under the strict and careful eye of the rangemaster.
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It is nice to get some insight from National BSA on issues such as this. As a volunteer it's frustrating that we don't get more clear guidance on what should be simple policies. On this specific question, however, the policy seems to be there is no policy. If "active" means "registered", then change the requirement to "registered". Otherwise we'll continue to interpret "active" as, well, "active". John Shepard SM T25 Sioux Council
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Dec 9, 2009