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John Sheridan
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This is only natural as members of the military are taught not to criticize the officials in charge. The CIA Arab Legion, Al Qaeda, is the lead force pushing the Globalist agenda. You see how Obama has declared Al Qaeda in Syria 'the true representatives of the Syrian People' so orders not to criticize them are understandable. For the REST of us, since the government will not criticize their Legions, prepare to protect yourself as the military will be ordered to stand down, like in Benghazi.
I had a lot of hope for Mr. Rubio and THOUGHT he was a conservative with a lot of promise, but when he CONTINUALLY votes for laws destroying the constitution and ripping away our freedoms(like the NDAA) he is LOST to me and many other conservatives. He has evidently been co-opted by the 'Dark Side' of the Republican Establishment Globalists.
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Jan 25, 2012