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Of course, given the set up, it's unlikely that even signing the petition will change things. It's not like the commission doesn't know millions are looking for an alternative to the D-R stranglehold on politics. So if, as is likely, Gary isn't in the debates, you can at least voice a protest credibly by casting your vote for Gary. Unless you are in a "swing state," and their aren't many, that choice won't even affect the outcome. Even in a "swing state," any rational person knows that their vote won't decide the election, which is decided by the months of prior politicking and how that swings thousands of votes. Essentially, any thinking person knows that they can vote for Gary secure in the knowledge that it's long-term impact is far more important than trying to place a bet on the Romney-Obama horserace.
Toggle Commented Sep 28, 2012 on Gary Johnson sues FEC for $750k at Naked Politics
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Sep 28, 2012