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For all of those asking for the curved "ergonomic" keyboard, there are others of us who prefer the older style straight ones like this. Jeff, how is this cooler than Das Keyboard? I do not doubt that there are things you found missing there that for you needed to be fixed, but it would be nice to know what you thought in the design phase. orange
Toggle Commented Aug 28, 2013 on The CODE Keyboard at Coding Horror
I have been pondering the whole hot/crazy scale for some time now, and I realized the reality of it. It depends on the type of crazy. If she occasionally runs down the hall screaming Banzai!!! or wears weird socks, we are good. If she comes after me with a chainsaw, there is no level of hot that is good enough. Likewise, if the drive occasionally runs really slow, or refuses to boot, but never loses my data, we might be good, if hot enough, but this is not an acceptable trade. Case in point: my phone occasionally starts to lag a bit, so I have to hit it with a task killer. Depending on how nasty of a task killer I have to use in order to get the resources freed up, sometimes I need to reboot before the USB connection to the PC (rarely used) works again. However, it is so neato than I am OK with this trade off. If it regularly dropped calls or just randomly destroyed all of my data, I would junk it.
You missed the whole thing. The problem facing the hush-a-phone was regulation, not lack of it. Regulation rarely actually enhances freedom. I am all for net neutrality. I just doubt that the government regulation is the right way to get there. Most likely, it will look like neutrality, but have huge unintended consequences. The real answer is competition. I have at least 4 ISP's that can serve my house. This is even more amazing considering that I live on several acres 15 miles from the nearest town. That is how you really fix the problem.
Toggle Commented Feb 15, 2011 on The Importance of Net Neutrality at Coding Horror
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Feb 15, 2011