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Talk about blowing things out of proportion. Look at how many players Harry Redknapp "benched" for Tottenham's last Europa League game. He's played a lot of football on two continents recently. Give him a game off or two to recharge the batteries. It's a long season. AZ will compete for multiple trophies. Everyone relax
I'm glad a few people found this funny
Looks like they ate a different kind of "tainted chicken."
Great delivery on the corner. Rafa Marquez hasn't hit a corner that well all season
This was your best yet. Way better than Nowak coming out of retirement. Well done sir.
I lined my bench with rookies (Valentin, Soares, Sarkodie and Bruin). Figure they're cost-effective back ups and one is bound to have a breakout season. How do you feel about starting Bruin this week, considering Ching is out? My other forward options are Braun, Saborio and Cummings.
Toggle Commented Mar 18, 2011 on Fantasy MLS: Week 2 at Soccer By Ives
For certain there are guys on the roster who sell tickets, but they aren't Solli, Agudelo and Rodgers. They'd be coy with an injury to Rafa or Titi, but none of the three you mentioned.
Solli is the playmaker. If he and Agudelo are healthy for opening night I think we'll see Tainio at right back, Tchani at the base of the diamond with Solli in front of him, Dane on the right wing and Agudelo up top with Titi.
WOW. Freddy is LIGHTING UP the Turkish 2nd division! It's clearly time for Coach Bob to not just call him up, but build the team around him.
I'd take Irving Garcia. Kid showed flashes last year when he got a chance, particularly in the Juve game. Has some speed, some skill and hits a decent cross. Conor Chinn could be a guy who picks up some garbage goals. He had a great strike rate when he got on the field last year. However, his link-up play is awful.
After 16 years of supporting this club, last year I finally felt like we were in the hands of folks who knew what they were doing. Thanks to Erik Stover, we'd moved out of Giants Stadium and into the best facility in American soccer. Soler added depth and quality to the worst squad in MLS history, highlighted by the pick-up of Joel Lindpere. Hans Backe had given the squad a bit of confidence and swagger and had them playing attractive, inspired soccer. A worst to first transition was more than we could have hoped for in their first year. Red Bull fans have never gone into a season with the level of expectation that we have now. Sure, Angel was jettisoned. Two DPs playing up front couldn't work, especially considering Angel never had the pace that Hans desires up top. Still, losing the club's best ever player stung. Now this. We lose two coaches who had served the clubs through good times and bad. Des had morphed an athletic enigma named Bouna Condoul into one of the top goalkeepers in MLS, someone capable of stealing three points as he did against Kansas City late in the year. Richie is a local guy, who did an admirable job as the club's interim coach and had every right to feel hard done by when he wasn't offered the gig full time. He didn't sulk. He joined Hans' staff. He was the architect of perhaps the greatest draft class in MLS history, providing the club with two starters this year. With the 18th pick he landed a centerback who should be starting for the US at the Gold Cup this summer. The fact that these moves were made less than three weeks before the start of the season is a bizarre. There has to be more to this story. I can't imagine Hans would leave himself with only one assistant coach less than 20 days before the season kicks off. I'm sure details will emerge in the coming days that will allow Red Bull fans to make more sense of this move. However, this story gave me a very skeptical feeling for the first time this winter.
Stuart Holden strikes a ball as well as anyone in the national team pool right now, including Landon. Watching him play for Bolton this year, you see a player who wants the ball all the time. He has such confidence in himself right now, which is incredibly important for a penalty taker. I've always been a fan of the philosophy of giving penalties to players who want to take them. Confidence is more than half the battle. The rest is striking the ball on target and getting lucky with the goalkeeper not guessing the right way.
Clearly if CD9 is his "old self" he's going to the Gold Cup. His "old self" was the best center forward in the national team pool. The real question is can CD9 return to his pre-accident form? That's a question that is best answered by medical professionals.
Toggle Commented Feb 8, 2011 on It's Old School Q&A Time at Soccer By Ives
Ream, Kitchen, Opara, Gonzalez
Toggle Commented Feb 8, 2011 on It's Old School Q&A Time at Soccer By Ives
If Sacir Hot had been in the 2011 Superdraft where would he have been on your big board? How does he rate compared to the other defenders who went in the first round?
Toggle Commented Feb 8, 2011 on It's Old School Q&A Time at Soccer By Ives
Horrendous? He went in with one foot and played the ball. Even Wenger the cry baby who is trying to legislate tackling out of the game didn't complain about it as much as you just did. If you've got a problem with the beautiful game being played physically, baseball starts soon. It's slow, boring and nobody ever gets hurt.
I kinda wanna see Brek Shea at left back. Any chance that could work? I really don't think Anthony Wallace should be anywhere near a USMNT starting 11 at this point in his career.
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Jan 18, 2011