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If there is a hard cap the teams will need to be able to name one or two franchise players who's contracts don't count above a specific point, at least for a couple years so that you aren't killed by pre-new CBA contracts on players that only have so many years left. I'm sure there will be some clause that lasts two to three years like that. JR
I'm just so confused JR
Ah come on MM, compared to what has gone on in the past this morning was just love taps from BB junkies living in the post season. It all got back to Basketball soon enough with smiles all around. Speaking of BB, I personally haven't given the non-signings and trades a second thought. It is what it is. With luck the next round of trades and signings will produce positive results. Now I just hope the players and the owners realize that they have to do something to allow the fans to be able to afford to watch them play ball. JR
Yellow we're still back to the same old story. (remembering that I'm on the We Don't Need Howard bandwagon) To get Howard's contract the Lakers have to part with one or more of their over-inflated contracts. If you were a GM would you take Bynum's contract (even if Jimmy B was willing to part with it)? We're talking about a potential Greg Oden or a potential super big man. I'm not much of a gambler so I wouldn't touch him. OK maybe Gasol with something thrown in like LO. Would the Lakers part with both of their vet forwards (and don't get me started with anything like "they'll be fine with Artest")? Who else is there that would attract any trade attention? That being said, I wouldn't boycott the Lakers if they managed to acquire Howard. In fact, I think they would put on a good show, but since Orlando is going to be looking to improve a team that is already a playoff team, I don't see how it can happen without gutting the lakers and taking them completely out of contention. Of course, I could be wrong as I often am. JR
Hey PSP, yeah you're part right. There was a bunch of tension and we lost quite a few regulars (I'm only a semi-regular and I took cover for a couple months waiting for things to sort themselves out) but the other chat has been around for about 3 years (opened by MagicPhil) and is available 24 hours a day and therein lies the attraction. Also, we've only known Justa is a female for a little over a year. Just a little more background for you. Aside from that, the rest of the stuff from this morning (aside from the trade scenarios and other BB related stuff) is just silly. OK back to sleep. JR
See, this is what happens when people go to other blogs... JR
S. Perkins, GMoney, and BigGreenwhatever. Maybe even 63Footer if they throw in a case of good scotch. Seriously, I'm on the "we don't need D. Howard" bandwagon unless the intent is to keep him off a WC team. I'm not saying he's not a great player, but I don't think it's critical that we get another big man when our back court and bench need some speed and reliable outside/mid-range shooting. Then again, I feel like I'm reliving the summer of '04 so don't mind me... JR
LeChoke's comments on his webpage today: Wonder who he had write it for him JR
So Kobe hasn't spoken to the media about Mike Brown...has he spoken to Mike? I can see Kobe telling MB "look, we're going to kick ass and take names next season and I really want to work in your D-centric (made that up myself) system...but I'm not tellin' those Bastages in the media nuthin'" After the "slur" and the deal that was made out of it I'm willing to bet that this is this years media blackout topic. JR
OK, now that Dallas won our Chump status has been tempered. As much as I hate it when LA loses I can take it a little better when we lose to the world champions. Great job Dallas, you put the little princess back in her place. LTLF, good Friedman winning comment. I'm still in the wait and see what the fall brings mode. I'll buy in if the team buys in. So, I find that my life is a little better today than it was yesterday and I have a feeling that it will continue to be so as long as LeChoke is ringless. He might have a boatload of money compared to me, but he's bringing me great happiness just seeing him try to make himself feel better. I wonder if Miami is going to fire his Possie now :) The wife is happy, the kids are fed, and Le(insert degradation here) us still ringless): Life is good. JR
OK, time to ease back into the participation part of the blog. I'm among those that are taking a wait and see approach to Mike Brown et al... I'm not worried about KB24's lack of discussion, B. Shaw will be fine, and I'm sure there will be a younger-faster point guard come the next time they take the court. Jon K - take a breath, the team will work out. If not during a short season then during the next full season. I never liked those short season titles anyway: People always put * next to those. As far as a job goes...Do you know any air control tactics or ever worked in a submarine wet trainer? This NBA finals has the same feel as a Stienbrenner World Series...when the Dodgers won. JR
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Jun 10, 2011