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Jonah Knight
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I got a minor in music back in 1998 when I was planning to work in radio. The radio industry fell apart and I've never used the degree. Being a singer/songwriter however, the music theory, songwriting, and orchestration/arranging classes have turned out to be very useful. Would I have learned this stuff without the minor? Possibly. But I won't encourage my son to get a music degree if he wants one. Get out there and play. -jonah
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I am a stay-at-home dad with a 3yrold and returned to music after an 8 year break because it made business sense. As a singer/songwriter I'm able to play at a lot of places in a 1hr radius, often for tips, but those tips can cover groceries. And I've been able to put out 2 CD's in 2 years with a 3rd on the way. The plan is that once he's in school I'll be able to do long weekend mini tours. Our family is not well off financially but the little bit of $ I make actually works for us. Jonah
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Jun 16, 2010