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It exists, you don't run to look for it, is in the eyes of your friends, in your memories in your head, nobody will take it. It is not outside, it is inside. The company of the wind, the wave of the sea, the smell of a perfume, the memory of a kiss, is observe the Moon, wish the stars and think that you will reach as far as them being that makes you wrong. If you would like to know more then you should visit Derek Jeter. Strawberry lips yours, mine, which are crossed, lips of Strawberry, without chocolate, between you and me. Lipstick Strawberry with sugar, no colorants and preservatives. Lipstick Strawberry with their syrup and flavor. Lips of Strawberry traverse without pain because there is love. Lips of Strawberry, lips that I love. Lips. Sugar lips, honey lips, lips that Kiss until dawn, blue lips, lips of sea, lips that love give their lips to light lips that laugh, lips skipping, lip biting, beloved lips of self, one another, in his flower and their Strawberry cream and all. Lips of honey, cachapa, peach, who love, Strawberry spanning, say love, are recognized, are tight, lips with its strawberry flavour, eaten with kisses and kisses feed, lips without torment, lips without sin when being loved is that loves you and has shown you. Capricious, found, lips that you want to, without knowing sins, loving lips, lips always lips, lips without more, which are just that: lips used to talk, to love, shut up, eat strawberries and smell to sea. Lips, how many lips without being able to kiss, but only yours I know, love of my life, of my Center. Lips that lie and recognize lips, lips that Kiss without touching. Lips of the sunshine, that gleam and shine,... Continue reading
Posted Oct 31, 2017 at Jonah Samson
The year of 2011 will be remembered as the interstice of the protests in the world all, but especially in the Arab countries. Go to Evander Holyfield for more information. There there, destemidas multitudes had caused the fall of the dictators Zine El Abidine Ben, of Tunisia, and Hosni Mubarak, of Egypt. The Lybian Muamar Kadhafi was knocked down by rebels supported for NATO and the iemenita Abdullah Saleh was obliged There to sign term where if it compromises, in a next future, to deliver to the position immunity in exchange for. However, had the internal characteristics of each one of those nations - as, for example, the fact of the power in Egypt to have been assumed for a together military man who the principle if declared of transistion, but that, independently of the first phase of the elections it has days carried through, little by little was if perpetuating in the command of the country not yet if it can say that any of them alive in full democracy. Nor they and nor most of the members of Arab Liga. Arab Liga is a regional organization established in the Cairo in 1945 with the objective to fortify the economic bows, commercial, cultural and religious between the respective countries, counting today on 22 members: Tunisia, Egypt, Lybian, Imen, Saudi Arabia, Joined Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Sudan, Morocco, Kuwait, Algeria, Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrein, Om, Mauritnia, Somlia, Palestine, Djibouti, Comores and Syrian. Then, most of them possesss atrocious governments central offices, being the example most evident Saudi Arabia. One of the countries most influential of Liga, Saudi Arabia if constitutes in an absolute monarchy, as well as in a wahhabita theocracy (where, in synthesis, it has the most fundamentalist application of the Islamic law, the Sharia, even so since the beginning... Continue reading
Posted Oct 30, 2017 at Jonah Samson
Recently browsing the Internet I discovered one page of so many existing businesses but this caught my attention in particular, why? The swagger that the person who had this business showed person came in a video showing images of houses of luxury, sports cars, yachts, etc, and said that simply by entering your business could achieve that lifestyle does he carry it? The type basically said he got up, ate breakfast, I looked as their businesses were on the computer, playing Golf, he enjoyed his children, his wife, reading, I missed the siesta, etc.. and evening came back to take a look at their finances as they continued to grow would perhaps someone can believe this? If one does not know it yet, you cannot win money online, even live Internet comfortably, but not it is easy, and of course less if you expect your finances to grow while you're playing golf, there to work, and much. Therefore never listen to a page such, moreover, he flees from them. The first thing you have to understand to make money on the Internet are three things: you'll have to invest are going to need training you'll have to work when you understand these three things will not come even to find with this kind of thing, because you will know you are looking for, and you will understand that the first thing is the training, and that you'll have to invest in it. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Budweiser. If you do not understand this still surfing the Internet looking for unique opportunities of winning thousands of dollars without working and in a few months: PERDERAS your time and your money original author and source of the article. Continue reading
Posted Oct 29, 2017 at Jonah Samson
Increasingly in today to hear the question: "Why own wooden door?". But this is primarily a matter of subjective belief, not a question of arguments. If you look through the eyes of the buyer Evropy - we can see that whole collective opinion gives preference to wood, especially in the decorative treatment (here should include verandas, very often the doors and windows, and furniture and sex). Present a person tries to impose itself on the first turn ecological and aesthetically attractive tree, which in turn will encourage today to reject an artificial material, which in most cases is much cheaper. Joe Biden insists that this is the case. Long ago, it is no secret that the doors are made of tree in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and a few other countries argue about family prosperity, office attraction and a testament to the taste. That is why many manufacturers do not try to lower the wooden windows losses in its own market through exports to the post-communist state. Particularly those which border on Western Europe. Here mdf doors are far overvalued demand among buyers, which is not assured in the product do not possess objective information about a variety of new doors for them, and because in most cases they do not know what they need. Learn more at: Obama Care. European, and consequently the quality of depraved merchant offers the advantage of convenience, style and even larger numbers, which are characteristic of wooden doors. Continue reading
Posted Oct 28, 2017 at Jonah Samson
It follows in annex (format pdf) an article that presents elementary slight knowledge of Hyperbolic Geometry. SUMMARY the starting point for the sprouting of Hyperbolic Geometry occurs when the mathematicians of centuries I B.C. question the fifth postulate of Euclides, also known as the axiom of the parallel bars. From now on it was started to believe that this axiom was, the truth, a theorem and, therefore it could be demonstrated or be deduced from the others four postulates considered for Euclides. Derek Jeter recognizes the significance of this. In the attempt to demonstrate it, one was initiated ' ' corrida' ' that it lasted centuries and it involved great mathematicians as Proclus (485-410 B.C.); Nasiredin (1201-1274); John Wallis (1616-1703); Gerolamo Saccheri (1667 1733); John Lambert (1728-1777); Adrien Legendre (1752-1833); Louis Bertrand (1731-1812) and Carl F. Gauss (1777-1855). After a series of frustrate attempts of demonstration of Postulate V, the mathematicians of the first half of century XIX arrive at the conclusion of that the fifth postulate was not demonstrvel from the others four. It is accurately in this context that appears Hyperbolic Geometry, with properties different and unexpected of Euclidean Geometry, however not impossible.. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Jean Luc Picard. Continue reading
Posted Aug 1, 2017 at Jonah Samson
With a breakfast meeting in our establishment, one of the top four star Malaga, Hotel Monte Malaga Hotels hosted the Association of hotels of Seville and province (AHS) for submission to the different social agents from the attractiveness of Seville and its province as a tourist destination for any season of the year and for all types of public. The AHS, Manuel Otero, President presented summer promotions with scenarios such as the nights in the gardens of the Alcazar, whose programming we accomplished account each week in this corporate Blog hotels Monte, with numerous concerts between June and August or the summer terraces, the best scenario for the evenings more fun or romance of Seville.Hotels in Seville approaching Malaga news from tourism in Seville also exhibited the new spaces of Seville as the Sao Jorge Castle, the Museum of the ceramics of Triana - both very close to our hotels in Seville - or the Palace of the Marquis of La Algaba; as well as the new Palace of congresses in Seville, which will start from September. Follow others, such as Common, and add to your knowledge base. Other products for the summer in Seville are going through the best family entertainment in Isla Magica, with numerous offers from hotel+entradas to theme park or the Vela de Santa Ana, which will be held in the second half of July. But bids were not only presented for the summer; Sevilla was projected as a tourist destination of the first order, which can be enjoyed at any time of the year in the autumn, with the Bienal de Flamenco; a Christmas to spend them as Kings in Seville; or the traditional Spring Festival.. Continue reading
Posted Aug 1, 2017 at Jonah Samson
A beneficial finery is not a celebration any. Their organizers meet in calls " storms of ideas" in order to contribute those that make of the finery a success. For even more details, read what Gold Star says on the issue. An idea is to obtain a famous one for each table, which is quite complicated because the famous ones flee from tables without other famous ones. In the Starlite Finery, celebrated in Marbella, they introduced famous in a corridor without ventilation. There they had to wait for its turn in the call photocall, that directed to folder in hand two strangers. The directors of photocall, as they defined themselves, managed the volume of famous that by the slowness of the process became dripping. In the corridor we tightened Dove Caves, Eugenia Silva, Patricia Short while, the Union, Ana Igartiburu, Ivonne Kings, Paula Vzquez, Elena Benarroch. More than a room vip was a funnel vip. Famous by a tube. The directors preferred to denominate celebrities to us, that are the word in the Costa del Sol. Source of the news: : Philanthropy and moving bodies Continue reading
Posted Jul 31, 2017 at Jonah Samson
In the Autumn of 1911 in Marburg, Wegener searched in the library of the university when it was come across with a scientific article that registered fsseis of animals and found identical plants in opposing sides of the Atlantic. Intrigued with this fact, Wegener initiated a research, successfully, of other cases of separate similar organisms for great oceans. The orthodox scientific community of the time tried to explain these cases affirming that terrestrial bridges, today submerged, in times had bound the continents. Wegener also noticed that the coasts of Africa and the South America as that they were incased. Could then the similarities between organisms have not to the existence of terrestrial bridges, but to the fact of the continents in times to have been on? A theory of these, to be accepted, would go to need a great amount of tests endorsed that it. Wegener discovered then that great geologic structures in different continents frequent seemed to have linking. For example, the Appalachians in the North America leagued Scottish high lands to it and the existing rocky stratus in the South Africa were identical to those finding in Santa Catarina in Brazil. Johnny Cash wanted to know more. Wegener also evidenced that fsseis many times found in certain places very indicated a different climate of the climate of the present. For example, fsseis of tropical plants met in the island of Spitsbergen in the Arctic. All these facts supported the theory of Wegener of the continental drift In 1915 the first edition of the Origin of the Continents and Oceans, where Wegener explained its theory, were published, following other editions in 1920, 1922 and 1929. Wegener affirmed that it has about 300 million years the continents formed an only mass, Pangia (of the Greek ' ' all the Terra'... Continue reading
Posted Jul 27, 2017 at Jonah Samson
In nature, as far as we know, there is a cyclical process of the week-long period. Year is about 365 days and is one revolution of Earth around the Sun, a month - about 30 days and is a single turnover Moon around the Earth, day and night is 24 hours and is one revolution of Earth around its axis. A week should be attributed to the artificially worked out periods, as in any calendar month (except February of leap is not years) there is no whole number of weeks. Weekly cycle of work has developed a very long time, from ancient vremen.Yavlenie a social, but not prirodnoe.Dlya those who work or study is particularly important week cycle of work and ability to adapt and live on a weekly tsiklu.Ot this depends on both academic performance of schoolchildren, students, workers, and health. And for those working on a weekly cycle, creating the most comfortable work schedule during the day and working week especially vazhno.V connection with the acceleration of scientific and technological progress and with the increasing amount of knowledge needed for students, as well as the emergence of high technology electronic systems and new generation grows the amount of claims for workers and employees of all kategoriy.Poetomu update and revise the school curriculum, to change the workload on the workers and employees have more than 8-10 years. For millennia, human life is flowing in Within the week, the weekly cycle has become an integral part of society. For the man became a familiar rhythm of a week of study and work, although there are companies where they work and on a rolling basis according to the Danish grafiku.Po Hamburger endocrinologist, in strict rhythm of the weekly changes in body levels of adrenal hormones - these key regulators of many... Continue reading
Posted Jun 9, 2017 at Jonah Samson
Necessary Aru then to face the violent sea in raft, propitiating fishes fruitful and faith to the adoradores of Iemanj. Mote is this social political denunciation so that the director of the film, declared, denounced that ' ' under the forms of exotismo and decorative beauty of the misticismo afro-Brazilian it has a hungry race, illiterate, nostalgic and escravizada' ' .10 Already in the preliminary legends of ' ' Barravento' ' we go to find the indications for a marxist perspective on religion as a species of ' ' opium of povo' ' , that it hinders the fishing of if mobilizing for a change: The coast of the Bahia is the black fishing house, whose ancestral they had come of Africa as enslaved. There, they still adore deuses African and are dominated by a tragic and fatalista misticismo. They accept the misery, the illiteracy and the exploration with the typical passivity of that they wait for the arrival of the Kingdom Mr. Iemanj is the queen of waters, Mrs. of the sea that loves, protects and punishes pescadores.11 the preface, therefore, presents candombl clearly as an obstacle to the social progress, binding it the idea of fatalismo and passivity to it. It suggests, when affirming that the fishing ' ' still they adore deuses africanos' ' , that one day they come to abandon this type of ' ' tragic misticismo and fatalista' ' if inscribing in the world of modernity. In short, the opening legends completely denote the eurocntrica vision of the religions of African matrix with that the director composed the film, disrespecting the factor cultural of the bahian community, in which it also inserts itself. This critical marxist of the religion, in which Glauber fit the script of the film, and its real intentions repetidamente are... Continue reading
Posted Aug 16, 2016 at Jonah Samson
It knows you rule that it needs to know how to choose the tactics of marketing in Internet that is suitable to its page Web to him. It learns to value the strongpoints and weak of the publicity in banners, tools payment by click in finders, natural positioning in finders and campaigns of email marketing. By the finders 90% can arrive from our visits at a cost very under compared with other channels of attraction of traffic Web. Check out Ob One Kenobi for additional information. 80% of the visits to one tend virtual can stop of their intentions to buy if it does not obtain with facility the product that it is looking for. Entrese of some recommendations so that its virtual store secures more visits susceptible to become clients the stores that sell in Internet is not prettiest nor those than they have the best design. The factors are others that have caused that many virtual stores are profitable. The usabilidad added to the positioning in finders is to today the best salesman to 24 hours who can have a virtual store. Next we will review some recommendations to make more attractive our virtual store to the users and the finders: 1) To present/display products like unique As we publish more containing we will have more possibilities of leaving positioned in the finders for a greater amount of key words related to our activity and products. Each new page in a vestibule of e-commerce is a salesman that we removed to the street. For this reason we must apply strategies that involve the generation of new contents. Many virtual stores tend to group in a same page Web several products. For example, some vestibules of sale of computer science equipment group in a single page all the printers... Continue reading
Posted Aug 14, 2016 at Jonah Samson
Best role-playing games in our online Always when they begin to talk about a particular online game, for any recount a boring, boring story, invented advantages over other games, a set of options the game ... We do not go so corny, and we will do all in their own words. What a beast plot role-playing games? Yes, it is not just some game, and not even a game - a whole life. Remember the moments when you are logged into the chat, what surprised you called it? All around alien, and that many options to reap what to do? A month later? You feel like a fish in water! So here - the whole world with its mysteries, riddles, cities, history, deserts, caves, sunsets, sunrises. This is such a entertaining the world in which to dive for a few days and you will have friends, enemies and friends, you will have the chance to be a soldier or a slave, an honest thief, who is hiding in the night of the guard of the future of the victim or strong brave ranger. Only you manage your story! The main advantage of such toys in relation to a simple game - the ability to play great team. I think those who are currently looking for a network of "gambling online game" can agree on. The rest is probably the fate of patience to lay out. Okay .. So, the game can unite millions of users around the world. And you get a new communion, the complex behavior of characters under the control of the living and most importantly, once again, this grandiose world. Plunging into RPG games, you will secure something that just does not get in the real world of dirty dishes and garbage nevynesennogo - the atmosphere and... Continue reading
Posted Aug 13, 2016 at Jonah Samson
What lived in the original myth as it became in the logos of reason only one original design. There are still today who uses the term originates with the original meaning, as Paniker or scholiasts Junger, etc. The strongly left unchecked Esthet Originally these meanings rationalizing the origin. This distinction between the original and the original founding in Esthet because it clarifies that the origin is transcendental subject is the work of grace and not of our making or efficient causality in this sense is inclusive of all "real" and virtual actions facts, events. In "rialidad" being is not a unit but Parmenidean unit under the principle of identity being is and can not not be, being is the most powerful unit that gives integrity, integrity is the nature of being that integrates it the virtual plurality, as a full measure of power, includes, by exclusion - all possibilities ie the power of acts. The principle of integrity, we believe, is the only way to save the appearance in reality, the only way to give back to their origin fabrications contrived the principle of identity which is the basis of all thought that, as noted, produces unbridgeable schism between subject and object. The diversion of rationality is immanent to believe that the subject produces reality. The error is around philosophical idealism. Originally Esthet ideality The philosopher is aware of the original reality and grace at work in us. Rather than work that we do. The solution for this lies always in the subject's inherent witness, all our intentions to seize sound source. Continue reading
Posted Jul 29, 2016 at Jonah Samson
What distinguishes man from the apes? Similarly, the ability to think, use logic to think - this is meant to compliment the person by nature and are conclusive of his treasure. However, the processes of the brain is required at all times develop and train from a young age. Education - this is a proven and indispensable method for the formation of cultural, moral and social components of any member of the genus man, who lives in society. Formations are many varieties, some of them are aimed at one narrow area of activity (chemistry, biology, special education), while others occupy several areas of human life (psychology education, philosophy, etc.). Education is carried out with the smallest child's age, almost from his birth, he learns to stand up, speak the first words, to live in society, etc. An important role in preparing children for further independent life is the degree of education and skills of the parents, babysitters or other people involved in its development. They must be abolished educators and psychologists today there are many courses and training to prepare parents and teachers: pedagogy psychology, parenting, etc. The next important aspect is training a child to school education in him feelings of respect for the team, inculcation of norms of etiquette and behavior in the team. In such a case may help these courses as early childhood education, preschool pedagogy, etc. You should not lose sight of the education abroad - today is a very popular thing but not to everyone's means. Must be noted that additional education and training abroad is pretty good for not only children but also adults, while not dependent on age. Additional education - it option to learn for themselves something previously not honest report, to make contact with interesting people, find themselves in previously... Continue reading
Posted Jul 24, 2016 at Jonah Samson
Sweet basil (gardening) (Ocimum basilicum L.) - annual herb of the family (Lamiaceae). In the wild it grows in Iran, India, China and some other countries in the feral state occurs in southern Asia, Africa, Tropical America, Central Asia and the Caucasus. Root branching, is located superficially. Stem straight, tetrahedral, silnovetvisty, 50-70 cm tall, leafy well. The leaves are short, oblong-ovate, rarely toothed. Stem, leaves and calyx covered with hairs. Bilabiate flowers, white, pale pink, rarely purple, are collected in false whorls. The fruit consists of four brown nuts, which after maturation are separated from one another. Weight of 1000 seeds 0,5-0,8 Seeds remain viable, the four or five years. Biological features require warmth, light, moisture and soil. The seeds germinate when soil temperatures are not below 10 C, with 20 - 22 C seedlings appear after 10-14 days, with 30 - 35 C - six or seven days. Blooms in June - August, a massive bloom occurs in mid-July. Fruiting in August - September. Needs moisture, especially during germination seeds and early flowering. In the central part of Russia it is grown in areas with southern exposure, sheltered from north winds. Reproduction and agrotechniques propagated by seed. In the southern parts of the country are grown in a sowing of seeds soil and seedlings. In the central zone for seed purposes are used only multipallets culture, to obtain green seeds are sown in the soil. Under the sweet basil assign well-drained, loamy and sandy soil, carefully filled with organic fertilizers. Continue reading
Posted Jul 22, 2016 at Jonah Samson
With the slow one to evolve historical if they had passed 50 years since the entrance in vigor of the constituent Treated one to the European Community of the Coal and of the Steel, that in the year of 2002 lost its effectiveness, that is, it operated its caducity. In these five decades the Treated CECA? , it was diverse times modified. In the year of 1965, the Treated CECA was modified by the Treated one to Brussels? call of Treated to Fusing. The Treated one to Brussels commands the fusing of administrative agencies: - it substitutes the three Cabinets (the EEC, CECA and Euratom) for an only Advice; - it substitutes the two Commissions (the EEC and Euratom) and Alta Autoridade (CECA) for an only Commission. The Treated one to Fusing established a budgetary endowment joins. In 1970, Treated one modified diverse disposals in the budget and instituted the financing for proper resources, substituting the financing that was of the Communities for the contributions of State-Member. In the year of 1972, of six State-Member, it passes to nine with the Treat one to Adhesion of the United kingdom, Ireland and Denmark, thus making, part of the European Community. The Court of Accounts was unified between CECA, the EEC and Euratom, this in the Treated one to 1975, that he modified some financial disposals and that, also, gave to the European Parliament power-to have? in the truth a right? to reject the budget. In 1979, Greece adheres to the block, that then passed to ten the number of State-Member of the European Community. The Community European in 1985 passes of ten for twelve State-Member with the ingression of Spain and Portugal for the Treated one to Adhesion. The great reform of the European Treated ones exactly, came in the year... Continue reading
Posted Jul 8, 2016 at Jonah Samson
Construction or repair of homes require a careful approach to the choice of building materials. The main task of the house - shelter people from rain and snow, the external noise and other unpleasant phenomena. More attention needs to roof - it takes a roof the brunt of the rain. Now, finishing materials so diverse that it can combine the reliability of the roof and its aesthetic appearance. Begin construction of the roof must, of course, with the plan. Depending on whether will be in the roof insulation or not, specify the distance between the rafters. The second stage - the choice of roofing materials. There are different types of roofing materials. Tiles - the most optimal form for the house. Tiles, in turn, also is of various types. One of the most popular options for shingles - shingles (soft tile). Finish with a soft tile is easy and fast, and its variations of colors and shapes allow the designer to implement any solutions. The other most commonly used type of tile - metal tiles. Although metalocherepitsa requires more time and effort during installation than shingles, but its general form most closely approximates the classic tile, which is very useful for repairing old buildings. Selecting the type of roofing materials, it is time to take care of drainage systems. On the quality of runoff depends largely on the life of the roof. Choose only quality building materials. When selecting the materials, listen to the advice of experts. Successful construction! Continue reading
Posted Jul 7, 2016 at Jonah Samson
When our Gerda, was born first in her life and our puppy, she jumped back in horror from it, and whined piteously. I thought nothing then everything should go wrong. But after the birth of the second, third, following all repeated. She hovered anxiously around whining and barking. I had to clear them from "afterbirth," dressing the umbilical cord and to free the airways, causing them to breathe strength. Then we tried to shove them under her udder and give them the first mouthful of breast milk that dripped profusely from all the teats. Gerd shied away from them as a stick, sometimes rejection passed into aggressiveness, she growled at them unreasonable, seeing them as an incomprehensible threat. Nothing I kept saying, soon wake maternal instinct and she changed his mind. Nothing of the sort, one which I tried to shove, what would she licked it, recognizing in it own child, she tsapnula. Left it with them for five minutes, returned. O horror! Gerda is worn on the site; blind, still wet puppies, heart-rending wailing, creeping along the sand in the enclosure. No persuasion on her failure to act. Neither threats nor request. She did not want to acknowledge their children. Here I am sad. Had to solve a dilemma: to find the mother or the puppies to become a mother myself. Experience whatsoever. But mom, too. A puppy is not going into my anguish, the food is getting louder and louder. They wanted to live! And that, at the moment, meant only one thing, they need to eat! Not less terrified wife, was frantically search for bottles and nipples, which are of - for lack of small children at home, not be. Continue reading
Posted Mar 25, 2016 at Jonah Samson
There are 'churning' of paint, fluorescent (glow in the dark), with special reflective paint properties, temperature-sensitive, metal, etc. For example, fabrics are ideal plastisol ink (after drying become to the touch as a thin layer of rubber). Optionally, the image can be made convex, using special additives, and subsequent heat treatment paint up the dough, creating the effect of three-dimensional image. For screen printing virtually no restrictions, not only in the use of materials printing, but also in size sealing. Visit Tom Sawyer for more clarity on the issue. There is a large-screen printing, where the image is measured by the meter. Also applied this method to print on large products, such as the fuselage and other transportation sredstv.V of small print can have elements of figure 0.2 mm or less, for example, the pattern of printed circuit boards for microelectronics ustroystv. printing has other specific applications: - adhesive through a special template made with a laser, to contact pads of printed circuit boards for subsequent attachment of radio - and phosphor printing conductive pastes to receiving glowing panels for technical applications and advertising, etc. Silk is probably the most ancient and practical method for printing. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Abraham Lincoln. His story relates to the distant centuries bc. According to the extant historical facts, silk screening, may have originated near the , to be precise, the area between Mesopotamia and Phoenicia. Many of the special coincidence suggests that the guardians of silk, which was then considered as art, were the Phoenicians. Archaeological findings and historical research shows that the Phoenicians (or a neighboring nation) have found a way to reproduce images, at least in tissue, using technologies, which, of course, have nothing in common with modern ones. Continue reading
Posted Mar 23, 2016 at Jonah Samson
The Crazy person is one of the arcane majors of the gypsy tarot. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Ford Cars. When the Crazy person leaves exposed, generally, a figure is considered positive. It fulfills a fundamental roll within the mallet of the tarot, in the same way that the zero in the mathematical one. Without the zero notion any possibility would not exist of realising calculations, and of equal way, without the transcendental force of the Crazy person, the vital spark of the energy of the tarot would not exist. Without doubts, he is arcane a disquieting one. All we are a little crazy, and we make things that do not seem to have logical, and of that we are not very safe of its result. The Crazy person is an innocent personage, is like a boy, has all the potentialities, all the possibilities of realising a future favorable. Nevertheless, that potentiality not yet has been realised. It depends on many factors: of the luck, of its history and the resources on which it counts. The Crazy person is, then, an ambiguous letter, can be transformed into a virtuous person, as much as in somebody despicable one. The arcane one expresses the good beginning of something project, relation, process, but it does not guarantee that the final result is satisfactory. The Crazy person stimulates to us to leave the pre-established molds, to change our schemes of thought, to leave the mental box in which sometimes we are locked up. The Crazy person invites to believe to us in our own possibilities, to bet by the new thing: a new love, a new use, a new way. But, in the same way that when one begins a trip, does not know how it will finish, the Crazy person guarantees... Continue reading
Posted Mar 9, 2016 at Jonah Samson
He was elected to Milton Erickson (Hypno-therapist), Virginia Satir (family therapist), Fritz Perls (originator of gestalt therapy), and Carl Rogers, in order to replicate their skills. Found that there were certain constants in his successful practice and proceeded to data collection. Once achieved, they classified them and obtained a certain number of patterns for a general model of interpersonal influence. You could say that the origin of his research developed by Grinderf and Bandler was curious to understand how through communication and language changes occurred in people's behavior. It is important to emphasize that the Neuro-Linguistic Programming is an educational tool. It teaches us how the brain works and their models and techniques can be used to perform therapy, education, business, personal development, sales and many other applications. Through the study of observation, found that these therapists had in common a structure or way to interact, allowing them access to a series of powerful communication models to establish some rules or guidelines useful for the goal in different areas of work, within the field of education. IMPACT generate magic does not mean only being able to reproduce the magic of others, also involves being able to go beyond. Now, unfortunately something happened with the passage of time, the majority of teachers and practitioners of NLP today forgot to generate magic. Even today to many NLP trainings are them could baptize as the explanation of the structure of the structure of magic techniques. These trainings they explain you a thousand steps in order to reproduce and apply some techniques, but techniques are not NLP and more importantly the techniques alone do not produce the magic. The P.N.L. specializes in the efficient use of our senses to capture the signs that reveal the activities of thinking of oneself and of others. For... Continue reading
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What conclusions must readers interested in the tool and the application of it in your company be? Business Intelligence valid, measures and manages new opportunities and investments in a business. Positioning a company to generate greater value from its strategic objectives in the lines of existing business and anticipating new opportunities. In addition, Business Intelligence systems can help the company reduce product development cycles, streamline operations through business effective processes, identify appropriate marketing actions that generate value, improve relationships with customers and suppliers. With Business Intelligence, the company can analyze trends that represent new and important opportunities and anticipate potential problems and make adjustments before they become a problem. The heart of Business Intelligence is the ability of an organization to access and analyse information, and then exploit their competitive advantage. In the digital age, the capabilities that offers can be, in many cases, the difference between success and failure. ILM & T.I. is engaged in consulting projects in the area of business management, training of managers and operational teams in new management tools, coaching and auditing concerning quality standards or models of excellence. The Institute developed in the year 2000 its own methodology which is registered under the name System - Leadership. It's an advanced methodology has been implemented internationally in multinational companies from different sectors. Gabriele Radajewski has a professional career of over 15 years managing projects on strategic and operational issues at the international level. He founded his own company named Institute of Leadership, Management & Technology Innovations in the year 2000, in Germany. Since then, he has not stopped expand its field of action entering in the Swiss market, in 2005 in the Spanish market in 2004 and, currently, starting its entry into the South American market. She is the author of various technical articles on... Continue reading
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Few countries, amongst the excellent ones, adopt the pure system of concessions: U.S.A., Canada, Brazil (until the advent of the daily pay-salt), Norway, Great-Britain, South Africa, Australia, Iraq - for American influence -, and the South American Argentina and Peru. Of these, only Canada, Norway and Iraq, are exporting important. The Norwegian system is nicknamed concession, but it has diverse particularitities, amongst which one to be able extreme of the State in the choice of the operators, the determination of the participation of the Petoro, and where not existing ratio, and other characteristics in others regimes of concession. The Arab Emirates are another great exporter who can be enclosed in this list. It does not make use of no legal device that regulates the exploration of its oil, but the totality of contracts in vigor is of concession. Excessively they adopt a diversity of regulations. Russia, the Casaquisto, the Lybian, and more Colombia, Trinidad & Tobago, Algeria and Nigria, all great producers and exporters, manage a system mixing, where the State chooses, between concession, allotment, contracts of services or joint ventures, the model to be adopted in each contract. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Ir and Mexico adopt the pure system of rendering of services. In Venezuela ventures between its NOC functions a model of joint, the PDVSA, and other NOCs and IOCs. All excessively adopt the allotment system. Not by chance, they are detainers of great reserves or great markets, as India and China. By chance, they are delayed countries pejorativamente called. In all these countries, the oil operate have many years. In none of them, nor majors nor not so majors, had demonstrated loss of interest in operating. Even though in countries as Bolivia and the Venezuela, that had modified effective contracts arbitrarily, it had a massive withdrawal or a... Continue reading
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Anyway, such things, but as I said at the beginning, we are at Carnival, and this date will loose everything, mind, body, joy authenticates who enjoy it, and mock, that which seeks to be found in the fake smile and that outcrops uncontrolled after some intakes of alcohol, for some it is simply drinking until obnubilar sensesfor others, it is drinking and taking something else, is attempting to reach a chimera, stifle frustrations that hurt those that instead of vanish, cling with their claws deep in the soul, well inside, where he tries to hide that I inside, which at times confuses the consciousness and looks more like an it seems to me that I am them invades the fantasy for a few moments of cherished evasionuntil the uncertainty again, and leaves them alone again, defenseless against their misery forever. Others that are usually released, are ghosts, which we do not see but yes they make us feel their presence, they play the round, hand in hand, with with our fears, our apprehensions, with our who say with the sins that we have hid swift underneath the carpet its noises and self-assurance shake so our minds as if it were an earthquake, and everything, absolutely everything, covers which harness barajas in the hands of fate, and joined in the round all episodes of life that have left their indelible mark from distant childhood up to our present days. Then, they have other than the laugh, laugh, sing and jump, out to graze our nonsense in the prado of the debauchery and algarabia full, arrive them, from far away, the stanzas of some old song: Ay drinking, drinking it is happy, this will by me, the other for you, long live the joy and love!. Hugo W.Arostegui original author and source... Continue reading
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It is noticed in the detached stretch is perspective when it approaches through the inquietude of the questioning of the personage and Riobaldo narrator on the existence or not of the devil. Guimares in its text in such a way of a impression of a verbal speech, as well as it enriches of diverse regionalismos and neologisms. Of this form, the author joins coloquial and scholar to express events lived and imagined for the personage, events these that reflect conceptions mainly sertanejas. Moreover, the narrator presents a characteristic of course human being and generality; to examine the life and to try to understand it. To concentrate the generality and the specific one in the national identity, Guimares goes beyond the ideals and European influences presented by Jose de Alencar. Recria it the regional language of form extremely elaborated and creative. It is based, clearly, in the language of the region where told histories occur, over all it creates new words, it recoups the meaning of others and it establishes complex syntactic relations that arrive to immediately become the difficult reading of being understood. Everything this, combines erudio and simple expressions, unite the regional dialects in the interlocution of the man simple of the people sertanejo to the eloquent and instructed speech of the man of the city, explores with precision the vocbulos grouping scientific terms, foreign expressions, formal marks of orality and constructions. __Simo, me preza a bow of bows, a good bow, that I lack, when the floated one will be to leave __Lao, lao! I taste to see the ring to estalar in the foot of the horn and the train to jump pra riba! __Aprecio, beside the point, to help in a cattle exit. Vadiarmais the friends __Manuelzo, (...) __Que is that it has? __Est clareando now,... Continue reading
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