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"tax avoidance is widespread in Greece because it was seen as a patriotic duty under Ottoman rule" I'm sorry, but that's just silly. The reality, as everywhere else, has to do with economics, not culture. 1) A large number of poor Greek people were self-employed or working for small businesses, which makes it easier to attempt to avoid small amounts of tax - because you desperately need the money, not because of your exotic history. 2) Public-sector workers, so often blamed by capitalist media for the crisis in Greece, were not actually able to avoid taxes. 3) The rich avoided (and continue to avoid) taxes in the same way they avoid taxes everywhere else, too - because in an economic system dedicated to profit, capital controls the government. To suggest that tax avoidance in Greece is a cultural phenomenon does nothing but play into the racist stereotype of the "lazy Greek" perpetuated by the ruling classes (both Greek and German).
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Jun 4, 2014