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I'm a freshman CS/Math double major, and I definitely agree with Jeff here. I've been coding for just over a year, and I found the 123456789 problem to be relatively easy(it took me about thirty minutes to work out in VBasic). It seems like CS graduates really shouldn't struggle with those kinds of problems. Unfortunately, my upperclassman friends confirmed that most programming classes are 90% theory and 10% coding... Which is why I take it upon myself to write new code as much as possible. Every once in a while, I'll write a completely random script just to make sure programming becomes second nature. (Example: last week, I wrote a Sudoku solver, and the week before that I coded Minesweeper.) Of course, no job would ever require you to code something trivial, but I still think that anyone who's applying for a general programming position should be able to do so, even if they only use pseudocode. Not being able to print the nth Fibonacci number is just embarrassing, especially if the math part is explained to you.
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Feb 24, 2010