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Not a lawyer. But as someone who considered and rejected law school years ago, in part because of cost, opportunity cost and market restructuring that even then loomed as big issues, I suspect that it is too early for the sort of contrarianism Seto expresses. Maybe he's right but it could also be that borrowing to go to law school now is what traders call "catching a falling knife". From a personal-risk standpoint it may be better to wait until law school is completely unfashionable and the schools are paying students to attend. That could be a while. Alternately, developments in online education could make law school less expensive, but then the kinds of future legal jobs available may pay less on average than they did in the past. Inflation may eventually bail out borrowers to some degree, but law school still looks like a risky personal decision as things stand.
All you really need is a multi-bit screwdriver, a set of vicegrips, a hammer and a Leatherman Tool. And duct tape.
Maybe one shouldn't put one's proprietary docs on someone else's network. At the least, encrypt everything.
We need to translate this from Feminese to English. Responsibility means women get to make decisions and men are responsible for paying for those decisions.
Toggle Commented Apr 26, 2012 on Preglimony | The Legal Workshop at The Right Coast
An acquaintance of mine said that the average dog doesn't make it beyond age 5 on his farm, because dogs are naturally curious and tend to approach snakes. Perhaps aversion training would be a good idea.
Toggle Commented Apr 25, 2012 on Snake season in Jamul Tom Smith at The Right Coast
Back in the day, pencils were favored by commodity traders on the Chicago exchange floors. You could write faster with a pencil than with anything else, graphite being a lubricant. The best pencils for the task were the thick ones that schoolchildren used. These were easy to grasp and had thick, soft lead that glided smoothly on trading cards and left a good dark mark.
It's not looking good.
How's your Vitamin D? I just got checked and mine's low despite daily supplements and sun exposure. Or maybe Vitamin D is the new cholesterol.
Toggle Commented Mar 21, 2012 on Goodbye statins Tom Smith at The Right Coast
One problem with this study is that it relies on self-reporting. Perhaps, for example, women have a higher apparent rate of suicidal thoughts than do men because women are more willing to discuss such things. There could be similar reporting differences across ethnic/cultural lines. Maybe the only source of reliable data is from actual suicides and suicide attempts.
Perhaps not acknowledging boredom comes from not having experienced hard times, where "hard times" means being stuck or at least feeling that way.
"he noted, correctly if also obviously, black workers would benefit if his jobs bill works as intended" Quite so. And we all would benefit if my perpetual-motion machine works as intended.
Speaking of Eisenhower, Suez was an even bigger disaster than Oslo was. By stopping the Brits and French from deposing Nasser, and the Israelis from holding the Sinai, Eisenhower set the stage for the Six Day War, for Saddam Hussein and the other dictators who followed Nasser's model, for Soviet penetration of the Middle East and for other costly geopolitical messes that we still contend with.
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Honest Marxism is still Marxism and I don't think Warren will do well with most voters even in Mass. But clearly her argument appeals to some people. Who knows why.