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Jonathan Galliher
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I don't know a great deal about programming, but I seriously doubt it's more demanding than being a monk in terms of how much of your life it consumes. After all being a monk isn't something you do, it's who you are and a 24/7/365 way of life. And yet being a monk still doesn't require passion, indeed historically monasticism has been much more interested in keeping passion on a very short leash. What monasticism requires is commitment, mind, heart, and soul. Commitment is related to passion, of course, since it's hard to stay committed to a demanding job/way of life without enjoying that job/way of life, but commitment has more potential roots than passion, including a lack of good alternatives. This leads me to guess that being a programmer, while it is a demanding occupation, similarly just requires the commitment to do what it takes to keep doing the work. (Ignoring for the moment all the reasonable questions about what it ought to take to keep doing the work. Some expectations come from the work itself while others are foolishly imposed on the work, but only the former are unchangeable.)
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Mar 24, 2012