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I spat in the bottling bucket of my first batch as the siphon was not working properly (insert memory of siphoning gas from cars and doing an automatic spit take). Don't ask me what I was thinking... continued with bottling and it tasted just fine. :) My friends never knew anything.
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Agreed. I don't mess with gravity readings unless I'm really trying to nail down a recipe for a contest... but then again, I don't enter contests anymore. :) I just brew to enjoy.
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First of all, to quote Charlie Papazian: "Relax. Don't worry. Have a homebrew!" Usually your primary should ferment between 5-7 days, but really depends on when the activity drops, as well as the yeast. When there is little activity and the yeast has formed a good cake at the bottom, I rack to secondary. The goal of secondary is to let the beer finish fermenting, clear and do any dry hopping (if you so choose). You actually don't want to allow much, if any, of the trub or yeast to siphon over to the secondary. But believe me, there will be enough yeast still in suspension to allow the beer to ferment out and eventually reach your FG. If after a week your gravity is still around 1.020 you could pitch some fresh yeast (I recommend liquid yeast from White Labs or Wyeast) into the secondary, give it a swirl and let the beasties do their job. But before you do that give your beer a taste. If it tastes too sweet, then consider adding a boost of yeast. Or if it tastes good to ya, bottle that bad boy. I've never heard of Brooklyn Brew Shop as I shop locally (well, relatively local) at a full service shop in Woodland Hills. Check out (cheesy website, but GREAT store). If you need liquid yeast, check them out. They also sell kits, but very quickly you'll find yourself creating your own recipes. I also recommend a recipe book called "CloneBrews (2nd ed.) Great recipes and advice to start cloning/creating your own. Happy Brewing!
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Jul 19, 2011