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Jon Bandit
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Great way for your visitors that are here from another city, province or country to spend the day while you are busy at work. Toronto has many gems. The 501 running thru so many diverse areas of this great city is fantastic. It sure is a great way for a tourist to get a real feel of the city for under $25.00 per person including a lunch mid way thru the ride. Get a transfer when you want to go for a bite to eat, coffee or use a restroom. I'm not sure how long transfers are good for, but it would give them enough time to get off the car, stretch their legs, a short stroll to find a place to eat and get back on the 501 car and resume the tour. Hard to get lost on that 501 line and the TTC is a relatively safe way to tour around the city and enjoy the day.
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Oct 31, 2011