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Thanks so much for mentioning my show here. I am very touched. It's a lot of work to make but I loved doing it. And thanks for sharing the LFC podcast. Definitely heading off to check that out.
This is a great insight into the work you and the team have been doing Jenn. It's a valuable case study! Thanks for sharing.
You provide some great tips, James. Really. I think the only significant beneft from Scribe is the ability to check the keywords you generate when you analyse you post against Google keywords app: i.e. you can see what the search traffic is for keywords and maybe target others if there's too much competition. For a blogger on a budget, you're tips are definitely spot on!
David, great idea! Although it's contingent on you actually owning the domain in the first place as it can take a while for the DNS hook up to go through. One of my clients would love to get hold of the .org of their domain name but unfortunately someone else is sitting on it. I suppose a variation of the company name plus org could still have the same effect. You've got me thinking!
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Mar 22, 2010