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Time to call up the eagles and make up a trade pitch for a db for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie possibly? They have a starting talent CB to give up and we need one. It wont happen without giving up the farm but would be nice.
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The Pats were Geniuses as much as I hate to say it think about it they had 6 o-linemen after the injury to their center Miami has one of the deepest d-line. So to keep Miami from rotating fresh bodies in run a hurry up the o-line for the pats wasnt going to get rest anyways and no neither was the Dolphins. As much as I hate to say it BB school Tony Sparano and company. Hopefully our D was conditioning and no OTA's since our D wasnt the only one that played miserably this weekend but next week will tell.
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Miami Dolphins are working out Brian Westbrook this morning just an FYI. Not sure what it means assuming LJ is going to be cut again. Should be interesting to see what if anything comes of this.
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Even a QB sneak of 4th and goal on half a yard makes sense. The D got beat up and all I could think about is how we let Will Allen go. Sapp may be a good player but Allen would be a much better nickle back. Anyways they get that TD and we are down by 7 instead we go down by 21. I'm a true Miami fan though Henne was constantly under pressure and he looked sharp played better against NE then he probably ever has not just yards but turn over wise everything. I'm pissed off sure that we lost but more importantly on offense I saw a lot of positive things from Reggie taking it up the middle getting hit and bouncing back up. Though he does dance a little east and west to much when he should run north he looked good. The D though well we all saw the game and not to make excuses but I think the Pats got away with more than a hold or two but in the end very very sloppy. I'd like to blame the secondary but when a QB has 7+ seconds to throw...Well you dont have to be a Tom Brady to make it work. Id say that the dolphins need work they need 2 a days need to work on stamina but I dont think they can even do 2 a days anymore. Finally the Beast was back he looked great he will have a bigger test against the Texans and their secondary but its easy to find the negatives in that game harder to find the positives. The defense will settle and I think the Texans will be in a world of pain for it they will come out with something to prove. After the Texans Miami comes out 1-1!
So Haynesworth is questionable against Miami due to an "illness" just an fyi its on ESPN. He did not practice today.
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They have done a good job adding some pieces to this team in recent days, I know there will be more since there is no way we carry 4 TE's. I really hope we dont add to much more though this team needs time to gel before we play the Pats next monday. I like most of you I'm sure are picking the Dolphins to beat the Pats this monday but I'd like the o-line what ever it turns out to be to work together as long as possible. Our new TE's though can only help with what we had. Looking optimistically towards this year as I do towards every year.
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Ive been a dolphins fan all my life, Ive suffered a long with you all since Marino left. Is Henne the answer probably not, last year was horrible, the year before that though showed a lot of promise, the only difference was the fact that our offensive line was crap. Not only was our oline bad our wr dropped balls tipped passes rb's couldnt break through the line. Yes Henne's play wasnt good but what did go well on the offensive side of the ball. Special teams sucked last year too, and outside of the defense shutting down teams lord knows they couldnt get the team the ball back for us in terms of turn overs. We were 7-9 should have been 8-8 if it werent for the bs call with the Pitt game. 8-8 with all the problems our team had and some people talk like our team has already lost and we havent played the first game of the season. If we could learn to win at home this season if we just break even at home and keep the winning streak away this year then we could definately go to the playoffs. Until we are counted out of the playoffs whether that is week 8 or 17 I will now and then believe that the team we have can and will make it.
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Aug 10, 2011