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So, where do I go to lobby Stack Overflow and the other Stack Exchange sites to switch to https? While I'm only an infrequent user of the site, I can imagine other user's could be quite irked by the reputation hit that could be caused by someone hijacking their cookies - especially if they're using that reputation as part of their credentials/CV.
Toggle Commented Nov 14, 2010 on Breaking the Web's Cookie Jar at Coding Horror
This is rather amusing timing, as just this Friday my colleague was telling me about a friend of his that had applied for a job required 2-3 years experience in PHP/MySQL/HTML/CSS/JavaScript, with strong leaning on OO and MVC patterns, and agile/XP development. The friend had taken a web/programming course at college 3 years ago, but not a lot since. He'd never even heard of MySQLi or objects. The thing is - a lot of these guys get through because the first filter on resumes is a human-resources drone who can match up the words written in a resume (tailored to a job description) with the job description. Also, a lot of them get accepted into jobs because the person interviewing them is not a programmer - you'd be be surprised at how many managers don't bring in one of their experienced programmers into the conversation. And then these guys sit there for a couple of years - hammering out godawfully buggy and insecure code - and then they can move on and now they have 'legitimate' job experience they can use to win the next job. I like the link to Dunning-Kruger effect - and I'm sure that many people reading these comments will nod to it. But added to that is the general perception that programming is easy (we all hear stories from clients that balk at a fee just because "their 16-year old nephew can do it for nothing") because it is just drag and drop (isn't it?), and typing a little (surely?) - this is like thinking that just because you can cement some bricks together into a barbecue that you can engineer the building of a 20 storey building. We need to make programming look as difficult as building a skyscraper - and we should work to make 'software developer' a protected profession like 'architect' or 'medical doctor'. Only allowing state certificated software developer's to apply for a position should cut down on wasted interview time.
Toggle Commented Feb 22, 2010 on The Non-Programming Programmer at Coding Horror
interesting... but the second caveat for your new comment moderation system could be a difficult path to follow - what you may consider "shrill argument" might be viewed by a wider audience as a valid point. as another blogger/publisher who invites community comments, I agree that crap like "you suck" is definitely a non-contributing feedback, but there are many times where my first instinct is to delete a negative comment, but then I might revisit it after a while and realise that it is actually a contributive one. Deleting "shrill arguments" out of hand in these cases might end up limiting truthful commentary and land you in that bubble of sycophanty.
Toggle Commented Feb 13, 2010 on Welcome Back Comments at Coding Horror
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