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Yep, it's 99% your fault. But for a professional full-time programmer, fumbling with 2-3 bugs per week, that means you'll find no less than 1 system (or library, or anything else) bug per year. Experience here is very important, because it helps you to track down whose errors might be your fault and what cannot possibly be in less time. The ability to determine that and 1) fix your error or 2) produce a good work-around when you can't fix someone/thing else's error is very precious. Last year we had network application using a foreign library connecting to a remote server. Multiple-instancing the library (loading two dlls using it) on a single application caused Win2003 server network layer to randomly halt. It was relatively fast for me to determine that the fault was either in the foreign software or in in a O/S bug on which the developers of that library fumbled upon: the only network related difference with already working production servers was in that library, and the bug happened relatively fast (in a few minutes since the app started). Also, it didn't happen on other O/Ses. The hard part was convincing my boss, a M$ evangelist. Eventually I managed to get him on the server console and had him try to ping our network back. The machine froze under his hands... I will always remember him staring at the monitor end then at me, in an enlightened bewilderment.
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Mar 26, 2011