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I tend to think that checking into how someone has done at managing cross-functional teams indicates, to an extent their ability to manage themselves. This opinion is largely built from experience and observation. A possible explanation: With cross-functional teams and management relationships with lots of dotted lines, you have folks managing a project where they don't necessarily have a ton of pull. If they are able to pull that off, it is possibly because they have been very self-driven to get things accomplished.
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That's pretty profound, Auren.... and I find myself agreeing with you. And even more so since I moved out to SF, because life here is much mroe interesting than DC! :)
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This is great. I'm going to try it over the weekend. Love the SNL reference too... -Jonathan
I'm not sure I'm the best authority to define what constitutes analyst objectivity. Gartner employs an Ombudsman in order to insure that Gartner reports are objective. More about the Ombudsman can be read at: As far as I remember open source applications are included in research when appropriate. OpenOffice, StarOffice are a few that come to mind. However, you also have to keep in mind that Gartner research is written for an audience- the enterprise consumer. Non-commercial open source products, in my personal opinion, frequently lack the support mechanisms to make them a viable solution for enterprise usage in the first place, thereby making there coverage somewhat unnecessary for the enterprise audience. Hope this helps. -Jon
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I believe that "judgement" is the commonly accepted spelling in British English. They leave the "e" in, while in American English, there is no "e." MS Spellchecker will leave you alone if you change the language English UK.
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