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Alice Having a ton of experience with the wines of Calera, I must mention a few things: Selleck is one of Calera's estate vineyards. It is a block on top of Mt. Harlan. Josh originally dedicated three blocks as single vineyards when he planted Calera in 1975. He considers it to be the site that produces the most complex wines. All of Calera is planted on a limestone mountain that was once the site of a commercial limestone quarry and the Selleck vineyard is the rockiest and the most limestone dense. Mt. Harlan is a remote place and has been granted an AVA and one of the few "one man" AVA's. It is in the Gavilan mountain range and the vineyard is at about 2200 feet above sea level. The place is truly spectacular, and if you get out to the bay area and have a free day, get out there to see this place. As for the wine, I find the older ones interesting because, like you said, they hold their primary characters for ages but still have this unique savory quality. I don't find them to be typical of today's California pinots at all but representative of a traditional, old school California.
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May 7, 2011