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@Silvercode "does heavy lifting, gets his hands dirty and generally is amazing at stuff. " They can have great ideas. But if they want them to succeed and want to make their own company, they need the others. How many grease monkeys had a great idea but failed to make them work? They tried to make the idea happen but didn't have everything they needed. Heck, the article we are commenting about started with a person that had a great idea but failed to have what was needed to get the idea off the ground and a success. Grease monkeys may have good ideas, but without the leader, faceman, and lunatic to help direct, connect, and shape those ideas, their ideas are worth pretty much nothing. Any one of these people can be brilliant and have an idea that shapes the world. Steve Jobs strikes me as a cross between faceman and leader while Bill Gates is more leader and grease monkey. They both knew making their ideas work required the right people and they both made sure they had them available. If you are in a company and a grease monkey with a great idea, find the people you need to make the idea work. Find that guy that knows everyone and can get you starting funds, find that brilliant guy that everyone knows is nuts but who loves a challenge, and find the guy that can work with all of you and make you all shine. No one said being a grease monkey sucked or had to suck.
Toggle Commented Feb 16, 2010 on Cultivate Teams, Not Ideas at Coding Horror
As some have said, I'd go further than say to cultivate a great team. You have to cultivate the A-Team. You need a leader. This is a guy that has a plan, knows how to get the members of his team to work at their best and pulls his weight while doing all of it. You need your grease monkey. They guy that does heavy lifting, gets his hands dirty and generally is amazing at stuff. This person does not necessarily have to be a people person. You need your lunatic. The guy who has big ideas, wild and insane thoughts and is generally brilliant but needs to be reigned in. He'll think out of the box and with the grease monkey will get problems solved. Finally, you need a faceman. He knows everyone, is able to make, call in or get favors and is able to generate funds. He can smooth over any complaint from an irate client, help with everything the others do and shines when asked to get the impossible done with connections. You can get by with just 3 of these, but you will never be as successful without all 4 on a team. A great idea can't get anywhere without guidance, elbow grease, some brilliance, and the connections to make it happen.
Toggle Commented Feb 15, 2010 on Cultivate Teams, Not Ideas at Coding Horror
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Feb 15, 2010