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Joseph Scott
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Many great memories of the BBS days. I've always considered WWIV's source code distribution my first step into what is now considered Open Source. For a $25 registration fee Wayne Bell would send you the WWIV source code on a disk. That spawned a community of people distributing mods for WWIV. Sure, you had to recompile after applying each mod, but dang that was fun times. Seeing other people use my WWIV mods and offer feedback and suggestions was amazing. In regards to the modem speeds of the time, discovering HS/LINK made that experience so much better.
Toggle Commented Aug 9, 2012 on I Was a Teenage Hacker at Coding Horror
Lets put this another way. If every PHP dev and piece of software switched over to Python (or what ever other language you decide for force everyone to use), what would change? Would all of those devs suddenly become five times better (and by what measurement)? Would all of those apps suddenly be seven times faster and use 50% less memory? Would this stop every dev from ever having a SQL injection issue, or prevent all XSS? There is plenty to groan and complain about in PHP, no doubt of that. But clearly that isn't enough to stop it from being useful. The notion that all would be fixed in the world if devs only used a "well" designed language just hasn't held water. I think it is paste time to get over it already.
Toggle Commented Jun 29, 2012 on The PHP Singularity at Coding Horror
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Jun 29, 2012