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Joseph Zernik
Los Angeles, California
Free the Rampart-FIPs;
Interests: Reform of the justice system in Los Angeles California.
Recent Activity
This is real news. I have recently reviewed enforcement data of FBI and section on Public Integrity of the U.S. DOJ. I could not find any indictment of judges in LA County in the past 25 years. Please correct me if I am wrong. I am interested in the question, since during the same period FBI and USDOJ took action in various states and various counties, and in LA County there are plenty of suitable subjects as well, but FBI and DOJ refuse to take action. My working hypothesis is that it is a quid pro quo... LA County has become a clearance center for various issues where the Homeland Security establishment needs some legal stamp of approval. In turn, judges that are active in the "Homeland Security Track" get away with various violations of the law. At the bottom line - it is trading the Civil and Human Rights of the 10 million residents of LA County, in order to be able to engage in some borderline or illegal conduct for purported Homeland Security. In short - Iran -Contra redux.