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What's interesting is that, from a commoditization standpoint, credit unions are still very much Macs. From the points that you identified though, we're PC all the way. The question is, why? I believe it has everything to do with our proclivity to modesty. As a movement, we shy away from anything too sleek, or flashy, or unconventional. We have worked so hard to keep from positioning ourselves as unattainable to the Everyman, but today, the Everyman is quite progressive and sophisticated in their brand preferences. If there's one thing Apple has taught us as credit unions, it's that an honest product and decent service are not enough; our members' experience has to function and be a beautiful process from end-to-end.
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Mar 4, 2012
Two words: COP. OUT. Of course your employees should be your brochure. They should be that, and your concierge and your commercial and your website and your vending machine and catalog too. However, that shouldn't exempt you from having great collateral material. In fact, maybe our discussion should center around how our slicks need to better mirror our employees! Our members are always raving about how great our staffs are, but when was the last time you heard someone giving us props for our product catalog or our website? Probably because 90% of us use stock materials from CUNA and ACUC (no offense guys, but you're pretty vanilla). Our goal should always be to make a positive impression in the branch and leave a lasting impression when they carry our pieces out the door.
Mark, you're spot-on with the idea that the brand should extend to the back-office. At the risk of grossing folks out, I'll reinforce your point. A member had somehow bled out in the men's room of our main branch a couple years ago. As the marketer, I couldn't wait for the cleaning crew to arrive because I was afraid another member would walk in and experience the horror that I had. I strapped on the gloves, grabbed the Clorox and went to scrubbing. Why is there a disconnect for so many credit unions between how our hardscapes and staffs appear in the front of house and our back offices? To me, it promotes group cohesion and equity among staff at the internal level to standardize your brand throughout, and that has a direct impact on your member. On the mark as usual.
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Feb 19, 2012